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Drool, Rejoice, Panic! The iOS 5 is Here!

Apple maintains headline status!
by Lou E. Albano | Oct 13, 2011
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And yet again, the world is abuzz with Apple. Perhaps the lukewarm reception of the iPhone 4S can be traced to two things: 1. the world still in grief and or 2. the world in quiet anticipation of the iOS 5 update, which is, what do you know, due today.

Like clockwork, twitter and facebook today is full of iOS chatter, signaling the arrival of the iOS 5. "It's amazeballs!" "It's taking too fucking long!" "You did it again, Steve!" "Apple, I love you." The best yet, perhaps is Mashable's headline: "Apple's Best Release Yet"

Before the update, the iPhone was simply regarded as the thing that changed your life. Not to sound dramatic, but really: Notice how your texting method has changed since getting one? Or the way you now use the internet? Hey, even long lines at restaurants and horrible traffic jams aren't so bad anymore.

Save for the usual wishful thinking— "sana sa tuktok nalang yung shutter no? Hassle pindutin yung camera mula sa gitna," you find yourself saying— it was fine. You love your iPhone just the way it was.

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Well, trust Apple to address all your trivial pursuits. We've only been on the new OS for a good 12 hours but from that short time, and if this is even possible, dare we say iPhone has become... even more perfect.

We admit we're no experts here, just your regular iPhone user. And we admit 12 hours is still too short. But here, we found five solid changes we think are worthy of praise.

Do you know more iOS 5 tricks? Well share them on the comment section below!

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