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TechKnow: Find Your Voting Precinct Online

That's one less headache to deal with!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 4, 2013
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COMELEC folks, this is one of the few times you deserve a thumbs up from us! And, from the hordes of Pinoy voters, an ear-splitting round of applause!

What's our big reason for acting so favorable towards the institution that counts and gives power to our votes but has also incurred a ton of complaints over the years? Its online precinct finder, which will make life easire for registered voters once the May 2013 National and Local Elections starts rolling.

So, what's this online precinct finder? As its name states, it lets you track down the exact location of the official precinct you're supposed to vote in (if you're already a registered voter). Sounds simple enough, but that helps eliminate one of the many headaches you'll likely get come election time: the confusion of determining where to cast your ballot. And since it's all done online, you don't have to go to your local COMELEC office to know. Another iwas hassle point there!

To get started, go to the COMELEC online precinct portal and fill out the necessary information fields. Don't worry, we've tried it out and all you need to know is your full name and birthday. Once you've done so, the location of your precint will be displayed, as well as other relevant details, like your registration date and whether or not your voter's ID has already been printed.

Works like a charm!

Last but not the least, you can also get a satellite's eye-view of the precise location of your precinct via Google Maps which is part of the service.

So there, an online precinct finder which lets you find your precinct in a jiffy. Now if only knowing who to vote for can also be as easy...

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