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Aug 11, 2013
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A few days ago, a video of a female mall elevator attendant doing her duties went viral. She was, despite the boredom her job entails, cheerful as heck and operated with a smile, giving a much-needed comic relief to her passengers on the lift. Her exploits were caught on cam and she's potentially on her way to becoming an online celeb.

Check her out below.


Good job, madame, that had us smiling! You know another thing that brought a smile to our pogi faces? These videos below of creative pranks done on peeps riding onyou guessed itelevators!

Scroll down for a few LOLs!

1. Star Wars elevator


Here's a hooded dude that, with a simple motion of his arm, can open an elevator door without pushing any buttons! The force? More like a kasabwat outside. We can tell that some of the passengers were amused while the others were just a few moments away from getting really pissed. Be careful bro, or they might really use some force on you, if you get our drift.

2. Toilet floor elevator


Now this one gets a thumbs-up from us for sheer effort! We don't know how we'll react after seeing something like this—maybe take a picture and upload it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Shitjustgotreal.

3. Elevator weatherman


A man decides to give an impromptu weather forecast on an elevator, complete with a pull-down illustration, the kind you see in conference rooms or in school. What's really interesting is, after getting all giddy educating about whether it will be sunny or rainy, the guy suddenly turns silent. Awkward!

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