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FHM Answers Your Burning Questions About The Sony PlayStation 4!

Seven years in the making!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 19, 2013
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And so, it can finally be said: the Sony PlayStation 4 has arrived!

Our gamer bros in the US of A are now celebrating with the official availability of the Sony PlayStation 4! We've been waiting for many years now and the anticipation for the device's arrival is certainly way up there! Fact is, we've been hearing reports that, in its first four days in the market (it was launched last week, November 15), over a million units were sold! By golly, that's massively impressive!

playstation4 philippines details
So we guess we might as well proclaim this month as Next-Gen Console November since Microsoft's Xbox One is also due on Friday, November 22. However, for today, we set our sights solely on Sony's newest gaming gem. And even though it's only been released abroad so far, we know local gamers are also very much interested on what the brouhaha is all about.

With this in mind, we decided to compile everything you need to know about the PlayStation 4, from software to hardware, its new features, and possible local availability. All neatly arrange in FAQ style!


The PlayStation 4 has innards that can cook up impressive gaming graphics none of today's years-old consoles can produce. We're talking about an AMD 8-core x86 CPU that's bundled with 8GB of memory. That's 16 times better than what the PlayStation 3 has. In terms of capacity, the PS4 has a built-in 500GB hard drive, which also brings us to the next burning question...


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Yes, to a certain extent you can. The hard drive can be swapped for larger capacity of up to 1TB or even more. The tear-down video above from iFixit also revealed that the PS4 has a high reparability rating thanks to the ease of opening it up. As long as you can get around screws, you have a good chance of seeing its innards. We're not saying you should, though. As always, it's better if an expert will do the repairs for you.

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