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Explainer: DataBlitz Vs. X-Play Fiasco

We're wishing this didn't happen at all...
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 8, 2012
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Earlier this week, local gaming retailer DataBlitz was raided by members of the CIDG. The reason? Their alleged unauthorized distribution of copies of the hit game NBA 2K13 (which was launched just last month). The incident gained a lot of media/social media attention, primarily because DataBlitz is seen by local gamers as the symbol of legal gaming goodness.

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Many already gave their two-cents' worth regarding the issue, calling it unfortunate, even ironic. Obviously, this is no simple matter and the conflict is deeper than what it seems. So, what really happened? Who caused what and what are the reasons? Read on to find out more about this ongoing dogfight.

Who pushed the red button?

The move was initiated by X-Play, a local distributor of legit game titles. However, in this report, the company says they only reported the incident and that they "did not have influence on what actions CIDG took."

But why, oh why?

According to X-Play reps, they are the exlusive distributor of NBA 2K13 in the country and, as such, DataBlitz's action of distributing the game is a violation. Thus, the police action.

Wait, are the game copies pirated?

No. Contrary to what some might say, the game copies are legit and not pirata. However, as X-Play stresses, what DataBlitz did is under unauthorized distribution.

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We're thinking DataBlitz and X-Play have a connection...

Yes, they do. Aside from retailers of legal games, the two actually has a form of partnership. According to X-Play's official statement (read it here), "meetings were held with Datablitz President, Winston Lim, and his team to become X-Play's primary partner for NBA 2K13." As we can see, this team-up is potentially headed down the dumps.

So, what did DataBlitz say?

As expected, DataBlitz came up with its own statement (read it here). The company viewed the raid as "a disgraceful harassment action" and that X-Play did not reveal other important details regarding the issue in their press release. For one, DataBlitz says X-Play never "indicated in any form of writing or communications" that they will be the exclusive distributor of NBA 2K13.

And it gets juicier. DataBlitz also says it purchased a substantial amount of copies from X-Play "as a gesture of goodwill towards X-Play, even knowing that they are still very new to the industry of console games..." In other words, the former is apparently playing the "we were a good kuya to bunso" card.

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And the people's reactions are... favor mostly of DataBlitz, with online users saying X-Play's move was wrong and that their products should be boycotted.

The final verdict?

So far, aside from the raid and the statements from both camps, we're still waiting for the official result of the investigation. Judging from the hits, views, and buzz this issue has generated, we won't be surprised if a verdict in any form (may it be through another police action or settlement) comes sooner than later.

Pardon us but, we're sad...

We really are. We're sad that two companies championing or supporting legit gaming are going at it. What makes it worse is that this is happening while piracy continues to rampage on. We think the few who brave the countefeit tide to earn a living need help, not to go all ballistic against each other with accusations and legal maneuvers. We know each would like to protect their own rights and assests but, at the end of the day, we're wishing na tulungan hindi away na lang ang mangyari.

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