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Game About Kittens, Goats, And Explosions Has The Most Backers On Kickstarter!

Do you like kittens? Do you like explosions? Well, say hello to Exploding Kittens!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 1, 2015
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Do you like cute little kittens?

exploding kittens kickstarterGIF via

How about nasty explosions?

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If you like both, well, we have just the card game for you: Exploding Kittens! And it's exactly what its name says; it's all about exploding kittens. No kidding!

exploding kittens kickstarter

Yes, the game concept is as WTF-worthy as they come, which made us question why it's currently hitting it big on Kickstarter and the project with the most backers (people who promised pledges) on the crowdsourcing platform.

For those not in the now, Kickstarter is a global platform that aims to help out fledgling projects "get started" financially by giving them a bit of advertising and asking pledges online from those who want to give their support. It's a great way for cash-strapped people who have great, working ideas to have their products get the much-needed funding so they can go from the prototype stage to actual market production.

As such, Kickstarter has helped kickstart cool projects like Earin (the world's smallest wireless earphones), the Micro 3D printer, and the Bloomsky (a small device that acts as a mini-weather station for your home that measures stuff like temperature, humidity, and air pressure).

In other words, it has a reputation of helping out projects beneficial to mankindwhich is exactly why we're dumbfounded by the fact that a game about kittens, explosions, goats, and, uhm, weaponized black hair is now the most-backed Kickstarter project of all time.

exploding kittens kickstarter

Right now, Exploding Kittens has almost 120,800 backers (the previous record was 105,857) and has around $4.75 million in funding. To clarify, it's not the most-funded in the platform (that record belongs to this next-gen cooler at almost $13.3 million) but at the rate it's going (it still has 20 days left to get funding), we could be seeing another record broken in the next few days.

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What's wrong with the world. Maybe it's just a really fun game to begin with.


Video via Matthew Inman

Exploding Kittens was created by a game designer named Elan Lee and illustrated by The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman, which explains the weird-wacky-funny cartoons on the cards. They originally set the target at a "humble" $10,000, but the Internet is obviously having none of it and wants it so bad the figure has skyrocketed to epic proportions.

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