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5 Facebook Alternatives For The Hipster You

Want to go the <em>pa-hipster</em> route in the land of social media? We recommend these alternatives!
by KC Calpo | Jul 25, 2014
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Facebook is the king of social media. It's social media's Elvis or FPJ, if you will. A quick peek at its most recent numbers is enough to give its competitors a case of the chills. Imagine: 829 million active daily users, 654 million log-ins via mobile devices, 81.7-percent of users outside North America (all stats are as of June 2014). Huwaw!

It's impressive and all, but don't you think there's a sort of "eww" factor in using something that everyone else does? Hipsters agree.

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For those who want to go the hipster route or just stay away from Facebook for whatever reason (e.g. you want something "different"), we have five options for you. They're all not as big as Facebook, at least not yet, which means they have less “uncool” people signed up, and that's cool. Plus they have features that ef-bee lacks.

We introduce you to these hipster-rific services below!

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The three-year-old social media service hasn't quite taken off as fast and widely as expected, and it's actually been called dead by countless people. But it's still alive and kicking, and also has several features that Facebook doesn't havelike ready support for GIFs and built-in photo editing.

Hey, we're on it, too! Follow na!

Did you know: Google+ can tell you how many people viewed your profile and posts right on your home page. Nifty!

Online population: Recent figures put the number of active monthly Google+ users at around 350 million. Again, who's dead?


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Those hilarious photos and memes come from one of several usual sources, and Tumblr's among it. This free service is more for bloggers/microbloggers—particularly the younger set, and/or hardcore fans of something in pop culture (think books, cats, comics or games)—but its emphasis on reblogging, community-building, and unabashed fandom make it a great social media network as well.  

Did you know: Tumblr's post formats have made the platform very easy to use, and allowed for more variety in what readers see on blogs. Customization, FTW!

Online population: No official figures on user base are on Tumblr's about page, but it says it currently has 196.3 million blogs and 83.1 billion posts. Not bad.

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