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Facebook Is Now A Decade Old: 10 Features We'd Like To See Next

And just like that, Facebook is now ten years old! As a token of our appreciation to Mark Z. and co., we list down the ways they can make FB more FTW!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 5, 2014
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The whole of Facebook-dom is at an all-time high right now! Why so? Well, the giant social-networking site has just celebrated its tenth birthday! Happy first decade, FB!

A lot has happened in Facebook in the past ten years, from site changes (who can still remember the simpler, pre-cover image era?) to the tons and tons of viral content that has spread throughout it. Fact is, we learn about some of the biggest news and happenings first in Facebook, even way before big media outlets release their own reports. Call it the power of social-networking.

As users, many of us have also come a long way in terms of how our personal profiles have developed. To show you just that, and as a way to say we're part of the celebration, Facebook has released a new feature called A look back. It's basically a video that details the highlights of your stay in Facebook (i.e. your most Liked posts), which you could share to your friends to show them how awesome your online self is. For those who want to try it, check out the video below.


Ikaw na, Facebook! Happy birthday again from your over 3.1-million-strong FHM Facebook family! Here's to more years of being an online juggernaut. And to Mark Z., painum ka naman, chief!

And while we're still all merry, we thought it'd be prudent to make a simple request to FB: We know you'll be around for many more years so how about implementing the following changes and features in the future? Pretty please?


happy birthday facebook

Spam messages abound in Facebook. What's worse is sometimes we're clueless that our accounts have been hijacked to spread something fake or malicious. With a spam alert feature, not only will you know if a post is spam, you'll even know if your account has been used to spread it.

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happy birthday facebook

While it's true that we have the likes of Photoshop and Instagram to make our photos FB-ready, we think it's better if Facebook has its own photo editing feature. Kahit basic lang. You see, not everyone has photo editing software in their rigs or mobile devices. Plus, it'll be way more convenient: just upload the image, edit it to your liking, and post! No need to open another program to do the deed.

Ayos ba, mga banidoso?!


happy birthday facebook

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