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FHM's Grand Retelling Of The Great Facebook Outage Of 2015, According To #FacebookDown Tweets

Let us all hold hands in silence as we welcome Facebook back into our lives.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 27, 2015
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How attached are we to our social networks? As though you didn't know the answer to that, today's Facebook outage gave us a hint.

Earlier in the afternoon, FB along with Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and Tinder, which requires Facebook to log in, went down for a good hour or so. The entire FHM HQ panicked, unable to stalk potential FHM girls and see just what the hell Ellen Adarna was up to at the moment.

Unable to access FB, we went over to (gasp!) Twitter, and forced ourselves into reading 160-word reports about the whole #FacebookDown ordeal (or what we've overly romanticized as The Great Facebook Outage of 2015). Below is a retelling of that, according to the final bastion of hyperconnectedness (Twitter) during those dark, dark, uhm, minutes.

In the beginning, there was...denial:

It can't be down...can it? Suddenly, anger:

The ALL-CAPS says it all. It wasn't very long though before a little acceptance started to seep in:

Also seeping in: SHEER PANIC!

God knows we need baby carrots to survive the horror. Finally, we get confirmation from an actual news source:

But the terror was only about to start.

People were forced to work:

People went to sleep early:

Evil companies around the world got richer:

People's loyalty was put to the test:

People talked to actual people:

Worst of all, people were forced to read books. Books with actual...pages!

And you know, write on actual paper:

The light at the end of the tunnel was nowhere to be seen:

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Withdrawal symptoms emerged:

Nasty rumors spread like wildfire:

And all hell simply broke loose:

And the whole thing was bringing other things down with it:

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We tried to cope:

Yet, signs of hope remained:

Unfortunately, hipsters remained too:

And when the hipsters start to appear, modern urban civilization can't be too far back. After 36 minutes, the social network makes a return, restoring order to our crazy world. It was officially the longest time that it's ever been out of commission:

That is why we will forever remember this day, and maybe, just maybe, write it down on our history books.

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Life as we know it resumed. Just ask the capitalists:

In the epilogue of this tale, hacker group The Lizard Mafia claimed it was their doing:

But it was quickly rebuked by FB officials, saying it was a fault in their systems:

No matter who did it, you'll now have to excuse us as we make up for the time we lost not looking at babies and food or posting inane statuses on Facebook!


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