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Facebook Is Draining Your Battery Even When You're Not Using It

Battery life over social life?
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 30, 2017
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You might want to consider deleting that Facebook application in your smartphone to extend its battery life.

Aaron Hetler, an executive for advertising technology tools developer SRAX, divulged to Inc. that the app consumes so much power because of special features like live videos and custom camera.

“Facebook’s app is a juggernaut of features, which is contributing to its usage of your phone’s battery,” he explained. “They include device location, notifications, quality and size of content, social interactions, live videos, statistics, contacts, places, groups, custom camera (which now includes a lot of animations, filters, and masks), and search, to name just a few. Simply opening the app fires up all these features.”


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The social media app also has background processes running to keep information updated for the next time you open it. One of which is the built-in GPS that tracks your location even when you’re not using Facebook, mobile consultant Giacomo Balli shared in the same interview.

Balli's advice? “Disabling background app refresh is certainly a good first step. However, this will not be your silver bullet. Apps still have some wiggle room when in ‘suspend mode,’ meaning in the background.”

Or maybe you could simply let go of the app and use the mobile site for long (battery) life.


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