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Facebook Secret Conversations Puts Premium On Privacy

Trust, it will be your new favorite messaging tool
by Tanya Umali | Oct 11, 2016
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Security is a major concern in the tech world. The technology we have now is so vast and complex that it can allow people to breach security and invade privacy. In fact, recently, tech giant Yahoo fell victim to a large-scale hacking scandal. 

Other tech companies have upgraded their app's security features in an effort to prevent similar incidents from happening. 

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Recently, Facebook has also joined that bandwagon by providing added security to the files you share and the conversations you have. 

Last October 4, the social media platform rolled out a fully encrypted messaging system to its almost 900 million users. 


The "secret conversation" is a feature that adds privacy to the exchange of messages on the Facebook Messenger app. To use it, it can be found on the top right corner ofyour screen when you compose a new message. 

Basically, it allows users to set a time limit for when the messages will expire. It is, however, only applicable to photos, stickers, and texts. 

So what are the other benefits of using an encrypted system such as Facebook's secret conversation?

You don't have to worry about sending messages that are too sensitive

If you're concerned about other people hacking your account and digging around for your precious files, Secret Conversation helps you avoid that sticky situation. Having your data encrypted means that details from your files are concealed so there's no need to worry about being spied on. 

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It wouldn't consume too much storage space

The messages self-destruct, so files won't be stored on your phone. Unlike the normal messenger that we use, the Secret Conversations won't cache any files because of the set time limit.

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Only two users can join in on the chat

If you're a fan of group chats, Secret Conversations sadly doesn't support it. Think of it this way, at least you won't have to shamefully leave a conversation when you don't want to participate anymore. 

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