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This App Can Turn Your Family Computer Games Into 3D

This browser-based emulator '3D-fies' classic NES games
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 11, 2016
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The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or the Family Computer was a beast. In the late '80s and '90s, it resuscitated a then-floundering video game industry on its own, and gave the kids of yesteryear a lifetime of sprite-filled memories.

Now, the system is the one being resuscitated.. An emulator (for the casual gamer, it's a piece of software that simulates gaming consoles on a PC) called the 3DNes was released earlier this week, which transforms NES games into visually stimulating 3D landscapes.

It's trippy:

[ArticleReco:{"articles":["29553","28750""33720","33522"]}]The emulator can be accessed at but for now only works on Mozilla Firefox. To load games, you'll need a ROM of a NES game, which are found online.

Be warned, though: It only becomes legal to download one if you have a physical copy of the same game. Upload the ROM on Dropbox, acquire the Dropbox link, and paste that link on the 3DNes page. As with many emulators, things can get buggy, especially with 3DNes still in beta stage.

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When it does work, however, it provides an interesting new look to classic games.


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