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Fearless Forecast 2013: Tech and Gadgets

Things to expect in the land of shiny tech toys
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 15, 2013
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Our fearless forecast this year in the land of tech and gadgets? Well, there will be more next-gen tech and gadgets! But you of course may say that that's already a given since present-day tech innovations are like how LeBron James is now: damn unstoppable.

But, if we're to get down to the specifics, we have several predictions that make us willing to wager our hard-earned, dugo't-pawis salary on. In particular, we predict that 2013 will be another banner year for things geek and shiny. Scroll down below to see what the very near future holds for techies.

1. 4G LTE: Going faster, going more mainstream

Both Smart and Globe
have outed their own 4G LTE networks that promise mind-blowing speeds of 50Mbps and beyond to local consumers. Smart has even unveiled their so-called 'tingi' 4G packages, making this next-gen connectivity treat more accessible to more consumers. We also think these local telcos will put a premium on improving their services (i.e. making more areas 4G-ready) so as not to be left out in the blistering LTE race.

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2. Dual-core smartphones and tablets will look oh-so-last-year

Quad-core smartphones started coming in last year with the likes of the HTC One X, Galaxy S III, and, of course, the iPhone 5. With their successors coming this year, this group should increase in number, which will make all previous dual-core flagships look old.

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3. More gadgets will go to yoga classes

We've seen a few of 'em, gadgets that can split and turn like Madonna. With the emphasis on portability, convenience, and standing out from the dull crowd, expect a few more of these devices (e.g. notebooks, ultrabooks, smartphones, tablets) to arrive this year.

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NEXT: More augmented reality and ultra-definition devices!

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