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FHM's Gadget Lust List For 2017

Gamer delights, lifestyle gizmos, robots—we've got you covered
by KC Calpo | Jan 17, 2017
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We’re on our third week of the new year. How are your resolutions and goals for 2017 coming along? We’ve already failed to fulfill quite a few on our list, including this one: to stop lusting after new gadgets and tech. How can we do that when the yearly product cycle—and big tech events like the recently concluded CES—keeps churning out amazing must-haves?

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To make ourselves feel better (and drag more people down with us), we’re giving you 9 of the things we want in our possession, like, right now. Some brand names like Apple have been deliberately left out, because it’s already a given that we’ll all want what they’ll launch this year. And we’re sure we missed a lot more!

If you’re due for an update, maybe this list can help you out. If not... join us in our misery.

Three screens!

One laptop screen not enough for you? Here, have three:

Razer heard your pleas, and gives you three 17.3” 4K IGZO displays in one device. The concept product unveiled at CES, dubbed Project Valerie, will be the first “automated triple display laptop” if it actually makes it onto the international consumer market. The two additional displays are hidden behind the main one, giving you a much wider perspective and making you the envy of all your single-view gamer friends.

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But gaming isn’t the only thing Project Valerie is targeting. It’s also made for multitasking creatives: the 17” laptop can run multiple apps at the same time, and use the additional display for separate purposes. Specs-wise, the only info we can get right now is that it’ll be equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 card, and that it’ll use NVIDIA’s G-Sync tech to provide a single visual across the three screens.

It seems we’re not the only ones who want it ASAP, too: Digital Trends has reported that two of the Project Valerie prototypes stolen at CES were listed on Taobao for US$22,000 (around PhP1.1 million). For its part (and before the discovery of the Taobao listing), Razer offered a US$25,000 reward (around PhP1.2 million) for “original information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of a criminal suspect”, with the reward good for one year.

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DIY shape-shifter

This list wouldn’t be complete without today’s gadget du jour, drones! And here’s one that doesn’t quite conform to our usual physical standards: you can make it look like a drone, hovercraft, triangle, or spider.

The Makeblock Airblock was one of the more memorable products at CES 2017, and for good reason. Aside from its flexibility in form factor, the drone is made to survive crashes and (reasonable) aerial impact, and users can use pre-programmed maneuvers via drag-and-drop on Makeblock’s app.

Check out the Airblock’s pages on Kickstarter and Indiegogo for more information, including funding and shipping.

The (new) One Ring

When one says fitness trackers, wristbands usually come to mind. One company is going in a different direction.

The Motiv Ring does everything you expect it to do—monitor and chart your active and sleeping heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, physical activities done, number of steps taken, and sleep duration. It’s also waterproof up to 5 ATM, and can go long between charges (up to five days). You can also charge it via USB.

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The only downsides we’re thinking of right now are that it’s iOS-friendly and available only for US customers; sorry, international Android users, you’re out of luck. Those already Stateside can pre-order this precious for only US$199 (around P10,000).

Mirror, mirror

Talk about a magic mirror! Miliboo’s Ekko Connected Mirror—an 8mm round glass mirror with an oak shelf; also available in rectangular, free-standing form—does more than tell you you’re beautiful. It plays your favorite music, helps you catch up on the news, gives you weather updates, times you on simple tasks like brushing your teeth, and even informs you on today’s horoscope, if you’re into that kind of thing. Sensors on the side will register your gestures and switch features as desired. You can also set it up for multiple profiles, which means everyone in the family can use it, too.

Order your own connected mirror from Miliboo’s UK website for £370 (around P22,000).


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Pulling switcheroos

Oh, Nintendo. You’re on a roll! And we’re not just referring to your apparel collabs. Thank you for last year’s Classic Mini Famicom; you brought our childhood years back. And you can bet we’ll sing you praises again by March 3, 2017 for this baby, a.k.a. the Switch:

P15,000 for a system that easily switches (yep, we said it) from home gaming to handheld and online or linked multiplayer mode, a new controller called Joy-Con that can be used at the same time or separately by two players, and no region lock? Count us in! One more thing, Nintendo. You’ll really make our 2017 if you bring back the SNES. Please, oh please, make it so.

They listened!

Microsoft is making a big deal out of the upcoming Xbox console, and how they have listened to the feedback (or complaints?) of gamers and developers. The result is a system that can do 4K gaming, is VR-ready, has a whopping 6 teraflops of processing power, comes with eight cores, and... yeah, that’s pretty much it right now. Whatta teaser, guys.

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Of course, the rumor mill’s set to grind for a while here, and in this case, we’ll have to wait until Q4 for the actual product to get to shelves. Trusted Reviews has noted though that Project Scorpio is already in production, could ditch the old standard of console “generations”, and could offer exclusive games.

Cutie Kuri

We’re slowly becoming more comfortable with having robots take up the slack at home, but the robots being made so far don’t quite exude cute and safe vibes. The Kuri Home Robot changes that—sure, we’d love to have this in our home and let it assist us with everything and then one day allow it to participate in a violent robot takeover of Earth...

Sorry. We got a bit carried away. Back to reality.

Mayfield Robotics has made Kuri to be as small and unintimidating as a child, yet fully capable of moving around and maneuvering within the house, learn your household’s daily routines and respond to your verbal input, capture photos and videos, send you alerts, and play back your favorite audio media or connect to your entertainment systems. It’s also fluent in robot-ese, not human language, so you don’t need to worry about it getting sassy.

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Kuri has a pre-order price of US$699 (around P35,000), and is expected to ship by Q4 2017.

Looking real good

We expect today’s TVs to look a certain way. Sony’s brand-new XBR-A1E Bravia OLED TV, however, goes beyond that with the stand-less and speaker-less look. What you’ll see up front is the screen—and only the screen. Sound is played out via the Acoustic Surface sound system, the first to be implemented on any TV set.

Sony also emphasizes that this OLED TV delivers sharp contrasts and deep blacks:

We also get 4K HDR viewing, access to Android TV and PlayStation Vue and Ultra services, has Google Chromecast built in and access to Google Play and compatibility with Google Home, and is HDR compatible. So. You want it in 77”, 65”, or 55”?

Shut up, everyone!

You can’t exactly say that directly to your annoying officemates, noisy family members, or even the random attention-seeking doofus on your daily commute. So the most polite thing to do is to pop these in your ears: Doppler Labs’ Here One earbuds.

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They enable you to listen to your music, answer calls, etc. The difference is that with the Here One, you have what Doppler Labs calls “layered listening”: you can select the specific audio input you want to hear, and cancel everyone else out if you want to, thanks to noise filters and sound control. Wanna know what everyone around you is saying instead? Use speech amplification to hear their words. The Here One was also used at events like Coachella to boost what the attendees are hearing from the performances, so it can also make live concerts better for you, audio quality-wise.

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Pre-order these wireless buds on the Doppler Labs website for US$299.99 (around P15,000).


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