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All The Things Bros Want 2014: For The Ultimate Gamer Geek

Dear Santa, if the girlfriend is going to read just one gift guide this year, please let it be this one.
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 6, 2014
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Christmas is right around the corner, and thankfully, you've learned your lessons from holidays past and started Christmas shopping early. Or not. If you're like us, you're probably still just counting those freshly withdrawn bills from your 13th month bonus.

Well, we've got news for you buddy: that ain't going to make you happy. Our advice: spend it. Get yourself something really nice, get your girlfriend that bag she's always wanted, and get your parents something other than a Christmas card.

To help you sort things out, we present you our annual gift guides! Dubbed "All The Things Bros Want 2014," we've hunted down all the things we'd pony up for without hesitation, organized according to the type of guy you are. So whether you're a PlayStation addict, a hardcore fan of retro Jordans, or the type of guy that checks Lookbook on a daily basis, we've got something for you. #GetClickingAndGetGifting

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When we were kids, all we wanted were videogames, videogames and more videogamespreferably the newest Sonic The Hedgehog cartridge or whatever version of Street Fighter was coming out. As we grew older, we found out that other thingscars, shoes, watches, hipster glassescould be cool too.

We are NOT going to talk about those "other things" right now though. Because right now, we're dumping an entire dump truck's worth of things that a true-blue gamer want this Christmas.

Pause that NBA 2K15 game bro, drop out of that DOTA or COD session, and boot up this holiday wishlist for the gamer-man. Pray that the ladylove is reading this list! (Or if not, send this link to her now!)

1)   M4 Controller Converter

For a little bit of anarchy, let this tiny, little thing force your PS4 or Xbox One into compatibility with older Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. It even lets you use the PS4 controller on your Xbox One and vice versa! 

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Price: P2095

Get it at: Datablitz

2)   Monster Hunter 4G Extended slide pad for Nintendo 3DS LL

Your hands are going to hurt if you plan on gaming on the 3DS for the entire night. This ergonomic add-on solves that problem by making you feel like you're holding an ordinary, everyday console controller.

Price: P1300

Get it at: Datablitz

3)   Thermaltake Level 10M Hybrid gaming mouse

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First of all, it looks like a robot that's going to transform any time now. Second of all, it's seriously loaded. It offers a 1.8m USB cable connection or a wireless one with its no-lag 5.8G tech, a built-in rechargeable battery, a high-res DPI rating of 8200, andget thisa built-in air conditioner to keep your hand cool. For max comfort and durability, you can adjust the angle and height of the body, and click hard without a care thanks to its aluminum-based body. 

Price: P4700

Get it at: Lazada

4)   Sony Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Complete the PlayStation experience with Sony's own pair of ear-pleasing 7.1 headphones. Great for blasting your way through Advanced Warfare at 2 a.m., without the fear of waking up the neighborhood. It features virtual surround sound, a premium Sony build, and a noise-canceling microphone.

Price: P7,495

Get it at: Datablitz

5)   PS Network/Xbox Live subscription

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Need less of real life action? Let these online subscription cards to your PlayStation or Xbox's network suck you in forever (or at least until it runs out!)

Price: P1,000 - P2,500

Get it at: Datablitz

6)   Logitech G-27 Gaming Wheel With Paddle USB

One of the best wheels in the business. Released in 2010, the racing peripheral remains one of the premiere choices for armchair racers, providing amazing force feedback, and a very realistic feel from the pedals to the shift stick. It also offers cross-platform functionality for consoles and PC.

Price: P16495

Get it at: Lazada

7)   Levitating Bluetooth speaker

There might be louder speakers out there, but the question is, can they fly? This one from American company OM/ONE sure can, and the blue light emanating from it ensures that it's terno with the PS4. It has a 75mm driver, a built-in speakerphone and mic, a rechargeable battery with 15 hours of playback, and Bluetooth range of up to 33 feet.

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Price: $199 / roughly P10,000

Get it at: OM/ONE

8)   Replica Megaman Helmet

Megaman is one of our favorite gaming cyborgs. That is why it is perfectly sensible to want this ultra-cool replica. Can you wear it? No, but hey, it lights up, is officially licensed by Capcom, and comes in limited quantities. Each helmet has its own unique numberyou know what that means, game memorabilia collectorsPony up!

Price: $99 / roughly P5,000

Get it at: Thinkgeek

9)   Fully-Functional 1980s Style Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Image via

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Pay homage to the gaming console that got an entire generation addicted to pixels with this oversized NES controller. It even doubles as a coffee table! (Just be prepared to die once you see its price tag.)

Price: P61,000

Get it at: Etsy 

10)   Dual shock 4 Charging Station

For the more practical dude (who absolutely cannot wait to game while his controller charges), there can only be one gift for you: this handy-dandy charging station. Even better: You can charge two controllers simultaneously.

Price: P1,950

Get it at: Datablitz

11)   Dead Or Alive 5 arcade stick

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Regular controllers are for sissies. For true ball-busting combo breakers, serious fighting game experts know there can only be one controller of choice: an arcade stick. This one has bonus Kasumi and Ayane art from Dead Or Alive to up the pretty. Also has "I'm a fighter" text emblazoned on it, just in case you forget what you are.

Price: P7,695

Get it at: Datablitz

12)   Gunnar digital gaming eyewear

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No, these aren't your average, everyday hipster glasses. These specially-designed eyewear feature lenses that deflect harmful rays from your TV or computer monitor to protect your eyes while gaming and doing "things" on the computer. Bro-tip: Get the pink one for the girlfriend, and make it easier for her to watch you game! 

Price: P2,995 to P3,995

Get it at:

13)   Nvidia Shield Tablet + Nvidia Shield Wireless Controller

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What happens when the world's premier graphic chips maker dives into the tablet industry? This happens. Here's a tablet with the ultra-powerful Nvidia Integra K1 chip, which gives it the ability to play the most demanding Android games and stream games from your PC. Pair it with the Shield wireless controller and your alternative gaming setup is complete!

We mean, look:

Video via Marques Brownlee

Price: $300 / P15,000 for the tablet and $59 / P3,000 for the controller

Available at: Amazon

14)   SCUF Gamer Grip

Is it facial wash? Is it man-lotion? No, it's Gamer Grip, a lotion-like solution that's supposed to improve your grip on your controller. Just apply it on your hand, and grip away. We'll leave other possible applications to your imagination.

Price: P595

Get it at: Datablitz

15)   Samsung Gear VR

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While the Oculus Rift still labors in development, Samsung has come out with their very own virtual reality device. The good thing: It makes use of Oculus Rift technology. The bad thing: You need a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to use as the heads-up display. The number of games available for it now is quite limited, but for early adopters, this device that allows you to transform your Note 4 into a mobile 3D V.R. gadget is sure to be novel and fun. 

Price: $199 / P10,000

Get it at: Currently available for pre-order at the Samsung global website

16)   Retro Game Emulator

You've played ROMs on emulators before but never like this. With this handy, chocolate bar-shaped device, you get to play all the NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, and Neo Geo roms you've acquired through the years. It's the perfect gift for the aging gamer who thinks titles today are just too "newfangled" or for your younger bro who needs a crash course in videogaming history.

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Price: $120 / P1,200

Get it at: Thinkgeek

17)   GeForce GTX 970 video card

The specs: 664 CUDA cores, 138 TMUs, 32 ROPs, 4GB GDDR5 memory running on a 256-bit memory interface, a base clock speed of up to 1178MHz, and a memory clock speed of 1753MHz. We don't know what those numbers mean, but Nvidia's latest top-shelf PC graphics chip offering sounds like it's ready to eat up Crysis and Call Of Duty for lunch. Made for the gamer whose habit is to crank up all the settings to "Ultra" before playing a game.

Price: P21,000

Get it at: PC Hub

18)   20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4

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