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Mar 1, 2014
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So Flappy Bird is now in app heaven. Boo-hoo for those who weren't able to DL the popular game that spawned many hissy fits.

But this hasn't stopped us from thinking: What if a Pinoy made the app, how will it look like? Here's the game that will answer just that: Pugo!

Created by Patrick and Camy Cabral, Pugo plays similar to Flappy Birdbut with a nationalistic twist! The newlywed couple integrated Pinoy elements into the game, making it look a bit different. Suffice to say, we were very intrigued when we learned of its existence.

So, being the curious cats that we are, we decided to download the game and experience it for ourselves! Read on to know more about Pugo and the similarities and differences it has with Flappy Bird. Spoiler alert: We also suck at it!

 pugo game
And here's Pugo's landing page. The format of the icons are similar to Flappy Bird's, although you can see it has more details. Looks like the Cabrals don't like their bird pixelated.


pugo game

Displayed here is the options page, although this time around the layout is a bit different. But enough of the intro; let's start this mother up!


pugo game

Aaannnddd we're off...and on the ground. Our first try ended as fast as it started. Okay, okay, we got this. Na-tsambahan lang kami!


pugo game

But before we try again, here's Pugo's Game Over page. It looks more stylized and artsy!

NEXT: Pugo's game-changing difference from Flappy Bird!