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Improve Your Christmas Photos!

Photog Santa approves!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 21, 2012
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The holidays is a time for karoling, gift-giving, Divisoria trips, EDSA traffic, and overcrowded malls. It's also a time when we take a bunch of photos to capture precious Christmas moments. If you're an aspiring photog planning to document this year's holidays, here are a few helpful tips to, um, help make your snaps look like they're taken by a pro and not by a noob.

Scene 1: Christmas decorations

Something like this... (Photo: Majoy Siason)

Christmas decorations will inevitably be included in photos inside your holiday Facebook album. As such, they might give the "nakita ko na yan" reaction rather than "wow, ang ganda!" vibe. The aim here is to make them stand out, which is a bit tricky since, most of the time, you'll be dealing with many ornaments in one go.

FHM suggests:
Focus on one particular ornament, like a single Christmas ball or wreath. Make the rest be part of the background. A setting composed of blurred-out holiday lights will add a more dramatic effect.

Easy trick:
Make use of your camera's macro mode.

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Scene 2: Indoor shooting

The typical White Balance settings...

With noche buena and exchange gifts a tradition for this holidays, many of your shots will be made indoors with people as subjects. These are not everday occasions, so you'd want to make them more special.

FHM suggests:
Make the scene your subject, your goal here is to make the situation stand out.

Easy trick:
Experiment with your cam's White Balance feature. The default WB settings normally include Tungsten, Cloudy, Flourescent, and Auto (puts your cam on AI mode). You can select each one, depending on the lighting or look of the room. For example, you could use Tungsten to cool or tone down colors while Cloudy warms things up a notch.

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