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FHM's Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Laptops

Because every laptop is a hard-earned investment
by KC Calpo | Apr 30, 2013
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Everyone's going gaga over tablets, and it's hard not to do the same. (Have you read our Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Tablets yet?) But while tablets keep us—and our siblings and kids—updated and entertained for hours on end, they do have several limitations.

For one thing, it's not that easy to make and edit documents or multitask with our handy slates. It can be done, but for the most part, tablets are perfect for viewing all kinds of content, but not for creating them. And we bet you'll want to use another device if you want to play more hardcore games (and probably wean yourself off that awesome time-sucker named Candy Crush Saga).

This leads us to the second installment of our multipart gadget buyer's guide: computers, specifically, laptops. For those who are about to get a replacement lappie, or buy their very first one, read this before trooping to your preferred tech shop.

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What kind of computer user are you?

hp envy spectre

Before making a beeline to check out all the pretty laptops at the shop, and poring over the specs and price tags, determine if a laptop should be your next purchase. Consider personal preferences, lifestyle and daily usage habits. You don't want to spend all your dough for something that just isn't right for you! Pang-beer fund din 'yun!

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asus zenbook prime
Here's a checklist to find out if you need a laptop:

- You move around and travel a lot, bringing your work with you.

- Your definition of working from home means typing your masterpiece article at the nearest Starbucks.

- You don't have a mansyon and have limited space at home, and live in a small room or apartment.

-You don't want to be constantly plugged in, to somewhat save a bit of electricity or you get bored easily with your work corner and want to be able to move around the house with your computer.

- You have no problem with the fact that, unlike desktop computers, your laptop can't be upgraded after two or three years, which is practically an eon in computer years.

- You're a practical guy in the sense that you think that you're better off with a fully equipped workhorse than a pretty slate of a tablet, some of which cost the same as a laptop.

-You detest fiddling around with your computer unlike DIY guys who assemble their own machines.

If you said yes to most of these statements, and are looking for a new computer, a laptop might be just what you need. On the next page, you can see what the different types of laptops are, accordingly chiseled to specific needs.

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The different laptop types

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