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FHM's Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Tablets

Because choosing the ideal tablet can be a head-scratching affair...
by KC Calpo | Apr 10, 2013
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Summer's definitely in full swing—which means sale season's on, too. That huge SALE sign on every mall storefront and website landing page can be pretty difficult to resist, especially if you're itching to get and play with the latest pogi gadgets, or gift-hunting for your loved ones.

Which leads us to another problem: there are so many tech toys out there that it can be really tough to choose the right one. (And we thought choosing an FHM cover girl every month was tough enough!) For this serious dilemma, we're outing a series of guides that would help you figure out which gadgets to take home with you—and which ones you'll have a long-term and hands-on relationship with, figuratively speaking.

We start with a gadget that's on everyone's growing tech wish list: tablets. For this buyer's guide, and to make life easier, we're focusing on slates (full-sized and mini tablets). Hybrids (aka convertibles and phablets)? Those are up for another discussion.

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The thinkerYou when trying to poop choose what tablet to buy...

You're buying it for?

Your answer would determine the options for specs, operating system, accessories, price points, and other factors. If you're thinking of gifting your girlfriend or wife, kid, niece or nephew, etc., with a tablet, then you also have to consider their preferences and what they would most likely do with it everyday.

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Sony Xperia Tablet SLookin' good there...

If you need one for work, then that tablet should handle client meetings and presentations, and daily communications, documentation and monitoring tasks with ease—and definitely not be as sluggish as we all are in the morning. It should also work with accessories and office equipment (like projectors, printers or even TVs), and you'll need to find apps that play nice with what you use for your office-issued laptop or desktop unit.

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Temple run 2Temple Run 2: One of our greatest weapons against boredom...

If your tablet's gonna be used just on your personal time, you have a wider range of products to choose from. Obviously, you won't need heavy-duty hardware for standard tasks and regular Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram updates. But certain specs would be important if you travel a lot, take a lot of photos and videos, or want to watch movies all the time, or play resource-heavy games.

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Size matters!

We all know it really boils down to how you use your equipment (ahem!), but at least for tablets, size truly matters. You either want them small(er), or you want them big. No medium or standard size here, boys.

iPad displayHere's a 10-inch tablet, the Apple iPad

Full-sized (9- and 10-inchers) tablets are perfect if you're going to use them for work and/or content consumption (i.e. viewing HD vids, ogling photos). Your documents and presentations would be relatively easier to do on a large tablet; and photos, movies, videos, casual games, websites, and e-books are best seen on a bigger display. However, these nine-to-ten-inchers can be hard to hold for long periods (hell yeah, we went there), and those kickstands don't quite work for us. Plus some dudes aren't really keen on carrying manbags for their tablets.

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Nexus 7This might be sakto for smaller, Pinoy-sized palms

This is where the mini-tablets come in. At 7-inches or a wee bit more, they easily fit into bags and (some) pockets. They're also more comfortable to hold for long periods, say when reading e-books and digital mags (like ours!). Mini-tablets are also priced lower than full-sized ones—music to the ears of the budget-conscious. But if you want your eye candy rendered “large” and in high def, them seven-inchers may not cut it for you.

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