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FHM Unboxes Monster's Inspiration Headphone

Some things are worth busting open like a treasure chest
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 7, 2012
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There is a subculture of technophiles on the Internet whose fetish is to watch people take gadgets out of a box. They want to see plastic ripped apart with gleeful abandon, and smell that new gadget smell almost wafting through their monitor. From limited edition versions of blockbuster games to whatever new product Apple is hawking, to rare Jordans, practically anything that comes in a box, well, can be unboxed.

But we’re a discerning bunch of fellas here who don’t unbox just about any gift that comes our way. Right now however we do have something that’s worthy of being ceremoniously taken out of its packaging: the Monster Inspiration headphones.

The Monster Inspiration headphones come from the same guys who brought you Beats By Dre, which is now a separate line of its own. Let’s not mince words here: Like the Beats, the Inspiration is an expensive pair—not quite the model candidate for any bang for the buck awards. But as its name implies, the pair is indeed an inspired and inspiring piece of audio equipment. It's also undeniably sexy and something we’d love to put on our headsor on our wish list, at least.

These cans are like the more refined, suit-wearing sibling of the Beats, in design and audio signature. Say goodbye to the Beats’ glossy, loud profile; the Inspiration is stylish and low-key with its brushed aluminum outer housing, leather earcups, and generously-cushioned headband. The build is solid. A bit on the heavy side but not neck-breaking. Whereas the Beats were known for emphasizing the bass and treble, the Inspiration offers a more refined profile, focusing on the midrange, and balanced highs and lows for a warm, crisp, and detailed sound, fit for all genres. It offers the kind of full richness that ordinary headphones can only dream of. 

The Inspiration is Monster’s flagship model, and was launched locally last October along with other models, the Vektr Diesel, Diamond Tears, N-Tune On-Ear, and N-Ergy Noise Isolating In-Ear. The Inspiration is now available locally for P21,000.

Now let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get should you decide to make the splash. Let the unboxing commence!

Monster Headphones are exclusively distributed by the Eleksis Marketing Corporation. You can visit their Facebook page for more info regarding these cans, and where to snag them.