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FHM's Top 100 Gadgets

<p>...from the 5110 to what you’re holding right now!</p>
| Nov 9, 2008
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1. Apple iPhone 3G
Dubbed the 3Gesus phone, it is in equal parts the hope of the mobile phone industry and hype machine. It proved to be excellent yet expensive with dismal battery life and unresolved bugs.

2. Samsung Omnia
An attempt to beat the iPhone.If you don’t mind Windows Mobile, then Omnia wins.

3. MSI Wind
It may be an Asus Eee PC copycat, but it provides more bang for your buck because it’s cheaper.

4. Popcorn Hour A-110
This nifty and affordable media streamer is in demand. Buy one for your Hi-Def TV.

5. Sony OLED TV
It’s impossibly thin. More of a prototype than an actual product, it promises to replace LCD TVs one day.

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