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Fight Night Round 4

<p>Are you ready to rumble?</p>
| Jul 16, 2009
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PS3/Xbox 360
Manny Pacquiao may be the real world’s pound-for-pound champion, but in videogame land, no other game delivers a more vicious, more calculated knockout than EA’s Fight Night Round 4.

Accessible enough for any casual fan, Fight Night Round 4’s smooth yet simple fighting mechanics allow anyone to get into the ring, and derive sadistic fun right when the first bell sounds. Those looking for depth won’t be disappointed because the game also allows for and rewards well-thought out boxing strategies. The gameplay is fast and furious, but it retains a very realistic feel. Those planning to spam-punch their way out of matches will be knocked out cold by a finesse fighter, especially in the game’s online mode.

Fight Night’s presentation is top-ranked and its commentary, spot on. The crowd during matches is raucous and lively. The graphics, as expected, are so detailed that you’ll grin looking at all the bloodshed and welts your puncher has caused. It’s a package Don King would be promoting himself, if he didn’t already have his own game.

Legends Ali and Frazier, the ubiquitous Manny Pacquiao, and even Pinoy puncher on-the-rise, Nonito Donaire are all part of the game’s 40-strong roster. Gloves at the ready virtual pugilists, the sweet science that is boxing has never tasted better. – Gelo Gonzales

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