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Pinoy Octa-Core Superphones Hardware Battle!

FHM compares the specs of four octa-core superhones from local brands. Why? To help you answer this question: "Which of them is <em>da</em> best?"
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 2, 2014
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By golly, it feels like only yesterday when our collective jaws dropped at the sight of quad-core smartphones. Now, we've got octa-core beasts being unleashed left and right! 2014, Y U SO HI-TECH?

And this phenomenon isn't confined overseas. Filipino phonemakers are hopping on the octa-core bandwagon, too!

By our latest count, we have at least four phones packing eight cores from local companies: Cherry Mobile's Z2, Starmobile's X1 and Octa, and MyPhone's Agua Infinity. The best part? These locally-branded gadget beasts are much cheaper than their counterparts from the more hebigat foreign brands. Our wallets approve!

We know you want to get better acquainted with these smartphones. And because we're as tight as Ashley Rivera's smokin' bod, we give you a little preview of each octa-core device below!


pinoy octa-core phones
The Cosmos Z2 is the first octa-core device from Cherry Mobile, a brand who specializes in releasing bagsak-presyo phones. At only 7.5mm thick, it's certainly won't have any problems slipping into your maong pockets. We also like the fact that the Cosmos Z2 has elegant man-phone looks: less of the curves, a dark gray rectangular form factor, and an overall sophisticated and glossy facade. If it's a dude, he would be suitin' up and surrounded by ze ladies.


pinoy octa-core phones
The Starmobile Diamond X1 is the first octa-core phone from a local brand. We were able to get our sweaty hands on it, and we have to say, it's pogi, super-fast, and huge (six inches, bros)! Check out our full review here.


pinoy octa-core phones

MyPhone is in the local octa-core smartphone wars, too! Its pambato: the Agua Infinity! Packing a 5-inch Full-HD display, a 16-megapixel camera, and 16GB of capacity, this superphone is good news when it comes to visuals, selfies, and storing your porn multimedia stash.

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pinoy octa-core phones

The reason why we recently said that Starmobile is on a roll, the Octa is the brand's second octa-core offering. Smaller than its bro, the Diamond X1, at five inches (screen size), it's still big on the inside with goodies ranging from 2GB of RAM and an 18-megapixel shooter to a whopping 32GB of internal memory. Yowzah!

You're probably asking to yourselves now: "Which among these octa-core handsets is da best?" To help you answer that million-peso question, we compared these local superphones to each other. Our criteria? Sheer hardware. Check out the techie tale-of-the-tape on the next page!

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