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All The 'Final Fantasy' Girls That Are Pure Waifu Material

Absolute (animated) hotties
by Karen Mae De Vera | Feb 17, 2017
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If you grew up playing Final Fantasy, you probably had the hots for at least one of the female characters. It’s easy to fall in love with any of them, really. Final Fantasy women are kickass, intelligent, multi-dimensional characters that can fight as well (and even better) as the men in the game.

We list down the women who launched a thousand NSFW fanworks and most likely unleashed the Limit Break in your pants. They are what (Final) fantasies are made of!

FYI: The list is not rank in any manner to avoid the onslaught of fanboy rage.

Tifa Lockhart

(Final Fantasy VII)

Tifa is one of the most popular and recognizable characters in the entire Final Fantasy franchise. Even non-players know of her, uh, ample assets. But that’s not all she’s about! She cooks a mean meal, cares for others in a maternal way, and throws down alongside the rebel fighters USING HER BARE FISTS. Cloud should be eternally grateful that he’s on the receiving end of her affections.

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Dream Date: A staycation (Netflix and chill?) to alleviate her muscle pains from all the baddie battling.


(Final Fantasy IV)

Rydia is impossibly adorable from head-to-toe and looks like a sexier version of Tinkerbell. But she’s far from fragile—she single-handedly kicked Golbez’s ass to save her friends and is one of the OG Summoners of the FF ’verse. Don’t mess with her or you’ll get your ass handed to you by Bahamut or Leviathan.

Dream Date: Hiking and enjoying the great outdoors because she's tough like that.

Terra Branford

(Final Fantasy VI)

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Terra was brainwashed and used as a weapon of mass destruction by the Empire, which left her emotionless for a while. So when she does show a little bit of affection in the game, our heart skips a beat. We can’t help but be invested in the half-Esper’s storyline and rooting for her to overcome past demons.

Dream Date: Take her and the adopted orphans (who will most likely be third wheeling) to an amusement park.


(Final Fantasy XII)

This statuesque Vieran sky pirate stands at 6’2”, is great at craftsmanship, and one hell of a long-ranged attacker. Her introduction scene, which gives full view of her strategically placed armor, will make you question whether you have “furry” tendencies for getting a boner over a bunny girl. Fran’s accent in the English version of the game is based on Icelandic singer Bjork, making her even more ethereal and otherworldly. (Balthier is one lucky bastard!)

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Dream Date: Join her for a crafting session…to make weaponry.

Cindy Aurum
(Final Fantasy XV)

Only Cindy could look attractive with disheveled hair and motor-grease stains. Plus, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows her way around a car. You’ll probably bust up the Regalia on purpose just to see more of this mechanic. FFXV’s English version gives her a really cute Southern drawl, which ups the charm factor. #fanservice

Dream Date: Pimp a ride together then go on a joyride.

Commodore Aranea Highwind

(Final Fantasy XV)

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Your first encounter/battle with Aranea can be quite distracting since she’ll be hitting on Noctis *adjust pants*. (Doesn’t the Dragoon Knight give off major G.I. Joe Baroness vibes?) Subsequent meetings will show that she’s more than just a paid mercenary as she’s compassionate and ends up fighting for the good side (while jokingly flirting with you along the way).

Dream Date: Hunting daemons in the overworld.

Quistis Trepe

(Final Fantasy VIII)

You’ll have FFVIII to thank for realizing your hot teacher fantasies by introducing Squall’s prof. And she’s intimidating AF! Quistis achieved SeeD status at 15, is one of the youngest instructors at Balamb Garden at 18, holds the title of Card King, has her own fanclub with male and female members who call themselves “Treppies,” and her weapon of choice is a whip (of course!). The male students often get distracted and fuck up their mission whenever she accompanies them. (Notice me, sensei!)

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Dream Date: Just follow her lead and she’ll whip you into shape.

Rinoa Heartilly

(Final Fantasy VIII)

Rinoa is a freedom fighter with a solid advocacy, a cheerful energy that could melt the most emo of hearts (see: Squall), and Jpop good looks. Plus points for being a dog-lover, too!

Dream Date: A dinner at a fancy restaurant and dance to “Waltz for the Moon.”


(Final Fantasy X series)

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She’s a badass rocker chick armed with a tough ’tude and snarky quips. Don’t fuck with her or she’ll give you a massive beatdown with either her mech or stiletto heels.

Dream Date: Watch her gig like the groupie you are.


(Final Fantasy X series)

Yuna is a summoner and an idol singer rolled into one cute package. But just because she looks demure and shy doesn’t mean she’s a damsel in distress. She’s been captured on a few occasions and was able to escape all by herself.

Dream Date: Go night swimming and aim for a bonus making out sesh underwater.


(Final Fantasy X series)

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Rikku is a hyperactive ball of energy with an undying loyalty for her cousin Yuna. She’s far from a ditz though, with skills in tech, chemistry, and alchemy.

Dream Date: Just go on a typical RPG journey with her and explore new terrain.

(Final Fantasy X series)

If hyperactive girls aren’t your thing, then you’re probably a fan of this sexy sorceress’ ultra refined and classy demeanor. And her goth garb definitely accentuates her bod in all the right places. (Even Lulu’s victory pose shows off her ample cleavage.) And her reserved attitude means she won’t take bullshit from anyone.

Dream Date: Watch a blitzball game together (she might be into that).


(Final Fantasy XIII series)

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A.K.A. Eclaire/Claire Farron. Lightning will stop at nothing to find her sister but cares enough that she might save your sorry ass along the way. Her beauty transcends beyond the video game fandom as even an IRL designer brand got her as a brand ambassador. She may seem standoffish at first, but that’s because she’s going through a lot. You really have to work hard (read: make yourself useful) toward melting the ice princess exterior but then it will be worth your while. Oh, and she wields a mothereffin’ gunblade very, very well.

Dream Date: Throw her a big birthday bash—because the previous one didn’t go so well.

Oerba Yun Fang

(Final Fantasy XIII series)

Bow down to your Amazonian warrior queen. Fang is built like a tribal warrior and can tame the likes of Bahamut. She may come off as overly confident and cocky at times but goes above and beyond for her friends (especially Vanille).

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Dream Date: Take a physically strenuous activity together like boxing or running.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough/Gainsbourg

(Final Fantasy VII)

Aerith is a dreamy, spiritual girl that’s one with the universe—since you know, she’s the last of the Ancients. The other side of the famous FFVII love triangle with Cloud in the middle of it all. She’s not just a new age hippie though, she can be aggro and outspoken if her friends are in danger (and threaten to rip off someone’s balls even). Even after decades have passed, we still can’t get over her infamous death scene. (Sephirooooth!!! *Shakes fist*)

Dream Date: An outdoor picnic surrounded by flowers (make sure that Sephiroth doesn’t crash the party).


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