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Final Fantasy XIII

<p>Nothing to see here folks, just some strange, unfamiliar role-playing game</p>
| Mar 11, 2010
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The old tired joke about Final Fantasy is that there’s really nothing final about this landmark RPG series. [firstpara] At first, the series was just planned to be a one-off—a last hurrah of a game for Square Co. who at that time (1987, specifically) were struggling financially.

But look where the series and Square Co.—now Square Enix, after the merger with Enix Co.—are now. Final Fantasy XIII has finally arrived on our hands, and it’s no surprise that there are still a lot of things to like about it—enough probably to keep the series going well after our hands develop Carpal Tunnel syndrome. 

From Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife and Sephiroth, to Final Fantasy X’s Tidus and Yuna, the series has always played host to some pretty memorable characters. Sure, at times, they might act too angsty, or otherwise dress too fruity, but we can’t deny the charm of these characters.

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In the same vein, Final Fantasy XIII has a roster of characters that you can’t help but be drawn to. There’s the dashing hero of the gang, Snow, who has taken the reins of leadership of this little rebel group, thinking that’s how everyone likes it. Next, there’s Lightning, who, more than just a pretty face for the game, relies on her lion-heart in an effort to save her sister.

These two are the main driving characters of the game, but the supporting group is just as endearing. In fact, we can see the outpouring of fan art for these characters now—especially for that dude who keeps a Chocobo in his afro.

As for the summon characters, like Shiva and Bahamut, let’s just say that you’ll be surprised. This is the most liberty that Square Enix has put forth in recreating their iconic summon characters (called as Eidolons in the game). Love them or hate them, no Final Fantasy game is complete without them.

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