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First Quarter Frenzy: 7 Games to Look Out For

Keep 'em coming, we always say
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 5, 2012
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We’ve barely finished Skyrim, Arkham City or any of the other great games of 2011, but we’re already drooling over what this year has in store for us, gamers. It seems that through the years we’ve gotten better at drooling more than seeing a game to its very end. What’s to blame for such behavior? ADHD is always a popular candidate, as well as real-life responsibilities we used to not have as kids; these are very legitimate reasons.

Pointing fingers however never gets anyone anywhere. And a smart gamer always knows that we’d much rather be pressing buttons for hours on end than figuring out why we’ve lost the ability to finish games. So let’s spare ourselves the discussions, and have a look at the best games that will be invading our consoles from now until March.

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