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Forget Selfies, 3D 'Shapies' Are Here!

Behold, the future of selfies, the 3D Shapie!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 6, 2014
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Ladies and gents, a futuristic dream of those who always want to be reminded of just how pogi they are just got real: 3D friggin' selfies!

Check that, shapies!

Artec, a company based in Luxembourg, has started rolling out booths that can do something totally rad: scan and print a detailed mini version of you, a.k.a. a 3D selfie!

Here's how the booth, called Shapify, looks like:

3d selfies

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With multiple rotating scanners recording every inch of your (hopefully) clothed body, the process is finished in a matter of seconds. After the scanning process, you can have the scans printed for a miniature you (you can customize the size) that will be sent to your address after several days. Once you get it, prepare yourself for curious bros asking, "Dude, ikaw ba talaga 'yan? Hayop, ah!" And when a cute gal asks, respond by saying, "Yes, you can even take it home and play with it, but I know you want the real thing so..." #DaMoves

3d selfiesGIF via

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Back to reality, shapies, like selfies, are for capturing precious moments. And because it's always better to share the fun, you can also enjoy this technology with your kid, BFF, or significant other (just as long as both of you can fit in the booth). Heck, if you and your companion can hold a wacky pose for a few seconds, you'll be given a 3D print that goes beyond the usual "keep-still-and-say-cheese" portrait.

3d selfiesImage via

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Be careful with the 3D printed figurines though. It won't shatter as easily as glass but it's not as durable as metal or solid rock either. Made from melted plastic, a model could break if you're really rough with the handling.

Video via artec 3d on YouTube

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