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Foxconn exec spills: Apple iPhone 5 coming out in October?

This confused us
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 10, 2012
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So, what's new from the rumor mill on Apple's side of the fence? Well, here's a report saying that the iPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called) will come in October.

This confused us a bit. Last week, we reported that a Foxconn employee said the next-gen iPhone will be coming a few months earlier, or sometime in June. And here's the thing. This new October launch rumor reportedly also came from someone in Foxconn, specifically the HR head for the company. In a TV interview, the exec revealed that their company have received orders for the next iPhone from Apple and, according to Kotaku's translation, it will be around October, later this year.

On a related report, 9to5Mac says Apple is already testing a prototype of the next iPhone running on 1GB of RAM and the dual-core A5X chip that's also found on the new iPad. To prevent leaks, the components for the unit is being contained inside the casing  of the iPhone 4S.

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If ever October truly is D-Day, then Apple could truly be abandoning its traditional mid-year sched it followed for the earlier versions of the iPhone. As always, we're going to take this one with a grain of salt, especially since it is a bit in contrast to the previous report from another Foxconn employee. Or maybe we're, in fact, possibly talking about two different devices here, one coming in June and the other in October. Okay, so that maybe a bit of a stretch but, you never know...

Check out the gallery below for a round-up of iPhone 5 rumors 

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