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Free Game Alert! H1Z1 Is Out On PS4

A great price for the original battle royale
by Ash Mahinay | May 23, 2018
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If you aren't part of the PC Master Race, then you've probably missed out on H1Z1, a battle royale shooter that originally came out in an early-access form in 2015. Its developer, Daybreak Games, had made it free-to-play earlier this year and now it has finally made its way to a console near you (if that console happens to be a PS4 that is).

It's actually been in closed beta for a week, but for everyone who didn't bother tossing their emails in the hat, it unlocked for the gaming public at 12:00AM today (May 23). If you've always wanted to try a battle royale game but found Fortnite too childish looking, this is for you. H1Z1 is much closer to the serious Counter-Strike vibes of PUBG rather than the cartoony action from Epic Games. H1Z1 also has a larger 150-player count per match—meaning games can get messier more quickly with less wandering in the woods alone. And the best part, of course, is that this shooter is totally free, so it'll be easy to convince your cheapskate friends to try a new game with you—tell them it's "only" 11GB too and not much of a pain to download with Pinoy internet.

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If you're thinking "oh no, not another battle royale clone," Brendan Greene aka PlayerUnknown actually served as a consultant while H1Z1 was being developed before he left and created his own monster of a game. Why it didn't become the game to beat is up to a lot of different factors, but until PUBG finally comes to PS4, we're all for other games to play!

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