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Fujifilm Synergy: Epic Cameras, Babes, Booze, And A Whole Lot Of Kamikazee!

Fujifilm's Synergy was definitely not your ordinary geek event!
by James Andrei Tan | Oct 10, 2014
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Last Wednesday, October 1, Fujifilm Philippines launched a trio of new premium cameras at the Powerplant Tent in Rockwell.

The event was called Synergy and while we were scared out of our wits about braving the torrid rain and the resulting horrendous traffic in EDSA that evening, the allure of seeing fresh new shooters got the better of us. Moreover, it was the Asian launch, which means we got first dibs! Hey, it’s not every day that Pinoys get ahead of our bros from neighboring territories like Singapore and Hong Kong, right?

fujifil synergy

And then you add these to the already promising event: booze, hot product demo girls, and seeing Kamikazee rock our socks off. Now you understand why we'd rather get wet than miss out on the festivities!

Synergy isn't your ordinary gadget launch; it was actually advertised as an event where photography and music merged for a night of colorful sights and sounds. In less artsy terms, it's a shindig with gadgets, babes, alcohol, and of course, idol Jay Contreras going batshit crazy on stage.

But if you want an even better idea, we did what we do best: Pick out the best scenes and compile 'em in a highlight reel! But before we bombard you with pics, let's check out first the three new Fujifilm cameras that were unveiled at the event. After all, they were the true stars of that night...

FUJIFILM X30 (P31,990)

fujifilm synergy

Made for street snappers that specialize in "guerilla" photography, the X30 is a premium compact camera armed with a metallic bod and a tilting 3-inch LCD display for more versatility in shooting angles. A 12-megapixel X Trans CMOS II image sensor also assures that whatever you get in the frame will have awesome detail and accurate colors. Oh, it has Wi-Fi for sharing images in a jiffy, too!

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FUJIFILM X100T (P64,990)

fujifilm synergy

This bad boy is equipped with the world’s first electronic rangefinder with real-time parallax correction. Blood flowing out of your nostrils? That simply means the X100T is super-fast in snapping shots and produces more accurate and realistic photographs (the kind you'd want to have a special exhibit for), especially in low-light situations.

It's also a 16.3-megapixel monster packed with an X-Trans CMOS sensor and the EXR Processor II image engine, which means it will deliver photos in crisp detail and rich colors in rapid succession.


fujifilm synergy

To be clear, the X-T1 actually first arrived locally around February this year. However, this is the first release of the X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition locally, and camera geeks will know this one's a true stunner. What sets this baby apart from the standard issue is its durable triple-layer coating, which also gives it a classic deep glossy gray hue for more pogi points.

The X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition still retains the tough, all-weather frame as well as the 16.3-megapixel image sensor and the Classic Chrome mode for classic photos that look like as if they were taken with your dad's old film-based camera. Believe us when we say this feature's waaay more legit than what Instagram offers.

Whew! If we had the moolah then we could've bought all these puppies right at the event! But we don't (yet) so we just consoled ourselves with the fact that there's a lot more in store. Jump to the next page for the highlights!

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