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11 Fun And Interactive Websites To Cure Online Boredom

These may not have any benefits for mankind, but you really shouldn't care.
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 29, 2015
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As with any activity in life (yes, including sex), surfing the Internet can get really boring. How many times have you felt tired of stalking browsing your Facebook News Feed, or watching the endless stream of cat videos and memes through sites like YouTube and 9GAG?

Maybe not a lot of times but, c'mon, admit it. You've felt it,

You can find all things on the web though, and this includes the very same remedy for online boredom which comes in the form of these interactive sites that will have you viewing, clicking, and, quite possibly, coming back for more:


There's a cow in there somewhere. The louder and more high-pitched the voice becomes, the closer you are to the missing herbivore. Warning: Use headphones as things can get really loud.


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There's no missing cow here, just beautiful visuals you can create with the stroke of your computer mouse. Save the resulting image after and feel like a legit graphic artist.


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This site displays a colorful sea of dots that reportedly represents each freakin' profile image on Facebook. But the real aim here is to find your own (by zooming in). Good luck with that.


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How good are you at guessing places and geography? Try your skills using this site's 360-degree viewing angle and know how many kilometers your guess is from the exact location. The nearer you are, the more points you have!


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Find yourself humming to a mystery tune that you don't really know a thing about? Sing or hum it in this site and you might just get the melodic answer you've been searching for.


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The aim here is not to let Kanye West enter his "zone" with the power of your keyboard arrows and the spacebar. Comes with repetitive lyrics that will make you hate Mr. Kardashian even more.

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Here's the ultimate proof that the Internet is filled with useless things. Use the search function and be surprised at all the marvels boredom can whip up!


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Similar in idea to Weavesilk, this time around though you'll be able to create your own nebula image, which you can then save to your mobile devices or desktop.


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Nothing to see herejust a load of cats bouncing around. Oh, you could also grab the felines with your mouse and throw them to the ground. Don't worry; blood won't be spilled (they'll just bounce off like rubber animals).


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Because all of us love popping bubblewrap, why not create a virtual version which we can play with endlessly?


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Yes, you'll draw a stickman, and then send it off to an epic adventure! Fun times!

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