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15 Ridiculous Face Swaps We Cannot Unsee

These have transcended hilarity and crossed over to WTF territory
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 15, 2016
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Face-swapping—the online art of switching the places of faces inside photos—is one of the Internet's current boredom busters. Whether done via apps like Face Switch and, well, Face Swap or through the magic of Photoshop, it's an easy way to elicit laughter and "Likes" on social media.

However, while amusement and humor are the two main goals, the results sometimes transcend hilarity and cross over to the WTF realm.

Take the ones below for example, face swaps that, for lack of a better term, we cannot unsee.

A good horror movie poster

When gingerbread men became psychotic killers...

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Stare into those eyes and feel your soul get sucked out of your body

Even the NBA's GOAT wasn't spared

Peepers from hell

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Both of them look terrified

Add the snout for good measure


It's time for the felines to give us nightmares

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The Predator's mandibles have nothing on this

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

The hues make this one eerily seamless

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Not the kind of family portrait we were expecting

Technically not a face swap, but let's forget the trivialities and focus on those, uhm, abs

Good luck sleeping tonight

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Because you are what you eat


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