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Dear Ninong and Ninang: Our Ultimate #GGG (Gadget Gift Guide)

We dive deep into the huge trove of tech news, launches, reviews and tips for 2013; picked out the gadgets, accessories and nifty extras we know you, your family members, significant others, and friends would love; and sorted them out according to prices!
by KC Calpo | Dec 13, 2013
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fhm gift guide

We are just two weeks away from Christmas, and we have a very strong feeling that you’re not done with your holiday shopping yet. Worse, you might not have even started at all!

Fear not! Like last year, we dove deep into the huge trove of tech news, launches, reviews and tips for 2013; picked out the gadgets, accessories and nifty extras we know you, your family members, significant others, and friends would love; and sorted them out according to prices. Why the trouble? We want to help you pick out the perfect gadget/tech gift to give this holiday season! Or you can also buy these for yourself if you think hardworking you deserves a reward.

Now dig in! You’re welcome!

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Most of us belong in this category for far too many reasons to list down here. But even with your unwillingly acquired el-cheapo or “nouveau poor” status, you can still make other people happy with meager funds. Also, with these picks, we want to prove that you can still get wonderful stuff from as low as P100 to as high as P5,000! So, boys, upgrade the usual aguinaldo!

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1. Gift certificatesgadget gift guideThis is our go-to gift option for two big reasons: (a) it covers up for the fact that we have absolutely no idea what to give most people, and (b) it lets our recipients get exactly what they want, so walang reklamo at walang solian. Win-win!

You can get GCs anywhere in different denominations at any time of the year, online and offline. But for the holidays, we’re also thinking of Steam Gift Cards (via Datablitz) and Apple iTunes Cards (again through Datablitz, or check out all the resources on, among many other options.

SRP: Prices vary (normally between P200 to P2,000)

2. CD R-King Self Picture Monopod
gadget gift guide

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For those who like taking selfies with a digital camera, pero sablay ang asinta or kulang ang arm reach. Can also be used for group shots so no one will feel forever alone.

SRP: P250

3. Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset
gadget gift guide

An awesome gift for those who really maximize their unli calls and/or people who often use audio content and services on their mobile devices. Also helps up your “Boss Chief” points when you have this on your ear.

SRP: P2,950

4. Braven 570 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

gadget gift guide

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This simple-looking sound bar is great for solo and group sound-tripping, and can go for as long as 10 hours. You can also use this to give your mobile device extra power if needed, or even daisy-chain it with other Braven speakers for bumabayo sounds!

SRP: P3,950

5. Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt tablet

gadget gift guide
What can you buy for four grand? How about an Android tablet with a quad-core processor, good touchscreen, and expandable storage (among other perks)? Pwedeng-pwede!

SRP: P3,999

6. Otterbox Preserver Series smartphone case

gadget gift guide

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One of our biggest fears as mobile phone owners—even during the much more careless pre-smartphone era—is having our beloved devices conk out (or at least be incapacitated for an undetermined period) from accidental drowning or slippage. Make your iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 withstand water drops and splashes with this tough case!

SRP: P4,100

7. HelloLulu Logan backpack

gadget gift guide

For techies who want something a carry-on on the light and cute side na pwedeng ipang-harabas. Also perfect for those who have to fit all of their school/work stuff and mobile devices in one all-weather bag.

SRP: P4,380

8 Nokia Asha 501 dual-SIM Smartphone

gadget gift guide

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To those who use SIMs from rival telcos, are addicted to social media, and need something simple and affordable, the Asha 501 is your best bet. And in typical Nokia style, it comes in bright colors, so it scores fasyon points, too!

SRP: P4,490

9. a-JAYS Five In-Ear Headphones

gadget gift guide

The Filipino phrase “simple lang pero rock” certainly applies to these buds! The modestly-designed a-JAYS Five comes with iOS/Windows/Android compatibility, tangle-free cables, and (of course) superb sound quality.

SRP: $104.00 or around P4,900.00 with shipping

10. Mili Power Nova II
gadget gift guide

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No one can really use the “low-batt ako” excuse anymore because we have a lot of affordable portable power packs to choose from. Mili’s Power Nova II universal power bank comes in at under P5,000, can be used with any mobile device, and has a whopping 10,000mAh capacity. That's good enough to fully charge two to three smartphones!

SRP: P4,990

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