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Gadget Review: HTC 7 Mozart

<p>Bill Gates puts up his technological dukes</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 13, 2011
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You had to know that Bill Gates wouldn’t take the iPhone craze lying down.[firstpara]

Check out the HTC 7 Mozart. It runs on Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 OS, you know?

First announced at the Windows Phone 7 event in October, the phone has now hit the consumer market.

The brains over at HTC have certainly outdone themselves with this one, offering a very polished product that’s sure to inspire many an imitator,and impress even the serious technophiles at Now for the fun stuff.

Softening things up
As the old saying goes, you have to learn to walk before you can run. By the same token, it’s impossible to review the HTC 7 Mozart’s hardware without discussing the new Windows OS.

Unlike Apple with the iOS, Microsoft’s new gem isn’t brand exclusive. True to their usual business model, Windows Phone 7 runs on numerous brands and models that support the OS, such as HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

The OS features an easy to navigate user interface, Internet Explorer Mobile, e-mail capabilities and Zune, a portable media player for all your songs and videos. Pretty standard stuff, right? But the thoughtful folks at Windows also added a Microsoft Office suite, as well as Xbox Live integration, perfect for the hardcore gamer. This is rounded off with what’s known as the Windows Phone Marketplace, their answer to Apple’s App Store.

Unlike the App Store, however, there are only 5000+ applications currently on the Marketplace. Puny compared to the 300,000+ for Apple. This is more of an issue of time though, and should be improved within the coming months.

Go hard or go home
Windows has made a hardware requirement that their new phones must have a dedicated search button, allowing you to search through the entire phone as well as the feature that you’re using. This is useful when first using the new OS.

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The Mozart is less than 1/4in thick, packing a 3.7in LCD screen and an impressive 8GB internal memory, with up to 32GB in microSD expansion. The camera specs read 8 megapixels, xenon flash and 720p video capture.

However, we’ve found the picture quality to be average at best, while the video’s frame rate is far from impressive. Granted, it is a phone and not a camera but HTC could’ve easily fixed this little glitch. The usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi trimmings are also on board. Weighing a mere 130g, the phone can last a boasted 435 hours on standby and 6.5 hours of call time, depending on personal use.

Final verdict
Given that this is one of the company’s first forays with Windows Phone 7, the HTC 7 Mozart is an impressive piece of hardware, certainly better than a lot of technological firsts (see: iPhone 1). While the camera isn’t exactly stellar, the rest of the phone certainly lives up to the hype. You may need to wait a few months for more apps to come out, however. It’s Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates on the smartphone market, who takes it? The techno geeks over here at FHM can’t wait to find out!

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