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Gadgets Review: Cherry Mobile Orbit

Score another one for Cherry Mobile
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 30, 2011
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It’s getting harder and harder not to like Cherry Mobile. [firstpara]While they won’t wow you or get you all hyped up the same way whatever new gadget Apple is coming out with, the fact is Cherry Mobile phones have become solid, affordable performers that you just can’t ignore anymore.

Case in point: the Cherry Mobile Orbit, a capable, little dual-sim Android phone that gives you good bang for the buck.

The phone won’t win any awards where cutting-edge aesthetics is concerned.

From the way it contours to the way the keys are neatly lined up along the bottom part, the phone’s design is very traditional.

Cynics would probably call it “Plain Jane,” and we can’t argue otherwise because that description really isn’t too inaccurate. Don’t get us wrong; the phone still feels very modern, it’s comfortable to hold, and the 3.2-inch touchscreen does exhibit that cool, smartphone gloss. Just don’t expect it to elicit much excitement from buyers who want their gadgets with a little more pizzazz.   

Those who can’t look past the exterior though will miss out on the Orbit’s solid set of features. As we mentioned above, it’s a dual SIM phone, which means two lines, one phone. And it handles that without a hitch. Just so we’re clear though: only SIM 1 supports 3G. SIM 2 is only EDGE/GPRS capable.

The 528 MHz QualCOMM processor runs things quite briskly, and efficiently enough for those who rarely need multiple applications running at the same time.

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If you’re a heavy multi-tasker, then we must admit that the phone will run across a couple hiccups from time to time. Nothing though that will make you want to throw the phone off a building.

Wi-fi functionality is impressive too as the phone has proven that it can hold on to Wi-Fi signals without a problem. The screen looks crisp, and the speakers have enough oomph that you’ll be able to enjoy the phone as a multimedia machine for movies, music or games.    

With its solid features, dual-SIM capability, overall Android functionality, and a price tag of 12,990 pesos, the Cherry Mobile Orbit has got a lot going for it. It’s the inside that counts we always say. And this phone has enough substance to make it a very attractive choice. It’s not perfect, but it’s good at doing a lot of things at a price that will urge you to take a real hard look at it.  

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