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#GALA: How To Be Road Trip-Ready With Gizmos

Because gadgets can either make or break that epic road trip
by Neps Firmalan | May 17, 2013
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It's already mid-May. This means one thing: Summer is winding to an end and soon we'll say hello to the season of bahaan at basaan.

But fret not, bud, you still have time.

For those planning to have one last escapade before the rains set in, here's a tip: pack less (read: essentials only) to enjoy more. However, that advice might as well mean leaving your gizmos around. Easier said than done, right?

So allow us to tweak things a bit: Bring your tech with you, but be sure they WON'T slow you down and will be of use. We help you choose which gadgets fit the bill with a list of dos and don'ts to get your tech road trip-ready because, in the end, these gadgets can be a boon to your escapades.

Do Juice Up!

tech road trip tipsYour face when you find out your phone's energy
is critically low
and you have no charger

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The most basic of the tips; this could be the difference between a great trip and a frustrating time lugging around a bag filled with dead gadgets. We recommend charging your devices to 100-percent just before you leave your house to maximize all that juice.

Because if you don't: A mad scramble for that elusive wall socket looms, and it might come sooner. If you're in the middle of nowhere, we think the word we're looking for is this: dyahe.

Do Bring Weatherproof Gadgets

tech road trip tipsHardcore kung hardcore!

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And by that we mean waterproof (like the Sony Xperia Z), dustproof (like the Olympus OMD  cam), and shockproof (like the Cherry Mobile R7 Vigor). In case you're not staying in a posh establishment, these rugged devices can withstand the rigors of an outdoor trip and keep you connected and your trip documented. However, if you have normal gadgets that even a simple wisik wisik can damage, opt for the condom-like protection that cases like Otterbox offers.

Because if you don't: There's a chance (however small it might be) that you'll be bringing home a damaged gadget.

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