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Game Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

<p>The Call of Duty rings loud and clear</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 11, 2010
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From Call of Duty 1, 2 and 3's World War II settings to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2's contemporary war playgrounds, the beloved first-person shooter (FPS) franchise now takes us to where it hasn't taken us before: 1960s Cold War Era.

Call of Duty: Black Ops
, the seventh game in the series,
puts you in the shoes of two main characters.

One is special forces operative Alex Mason, and the other is a CIA agent named Jason Hudson.

Both are members of a special military squad called the "Studies and Observation Group" whose dirty work is to carry out ultra-secret missions behind enemy lines that tread the borders of standard military procedures.

Hence the name, Black Ops. The game takes place in the guerilla-infested locales of Cuba, Laos and Vietnam.

New places, classic Call of Duty flavor
Black Ops' Cold War setting is a breath of fresh air for this franchise. If the bloody beaches of Normandy or the huge terrorist-infested deserts of the Middle-East are beginning to look a little too sandy for your taste, then you're in luck.

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The lush forests, greenery and the mountainous regions you'll encounter in Black Ops provide you with a new experience that will require you to adjust your battle strategies as well.

At the same time though, that classic intensity, those epic set-piece gunfights all carry over well in spite of the new setting. You'll want to have your trigger finger at the ready at all times because you'll never know if some sneaky Viet-Cong soldier is lurking in the foliage.

Thrilling campaign
The story and the way it is told in Black Ops manages to always keep you on your toes as well. Unlike the linear story-telling method in previous Call of Duty games, this one plays out like a puzzle.

You have been held captive, and are being interrogated. And as the questions come, you are taken to flashback missions that you play out to get a piece of the puzzle. As the pieces fall into place, the story fleshes out, and you'll find out what or who or how you got into that interrogation room in the first place.

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It's very intriguing to say the least, and the slew of great characters you'll meet along the way, and the dam-breaking tension in some of the scenes only help to give Black Ops a great single-player story campaign.  One complain though is that the campaign only lasts around 6 hours. Obviously, that's kind of short, but ultimately the brief length may have benefited the overall impact of the story. 

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