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Game Review: Sonic Colors

<p>A return to form</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 18, 2010
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It's tough to fault any gamer who thought that there wouldn't be any light at the end of the tunnel for the once-proud Sonic.

[firstpara] But indeed, there is. Sonic Colors builds upon the momentum of the recently released sequel/remake Sonic 4.

It gives Sonic fans a reason to believe that the franchise is headed for a blazing comeback.

The speed, the rush, and the charm of the Sonic games we loved in the 16-bit era are all back in this new game for the Nintendo Wii.

Off to a running start
Sonic Colors doesn't waste any time at all in making old-time gamers remember why Sonic was so much fun in the first place.

The feel of the game successfully brings back that distinct Sonic charm that has been missing for so long now.

The action is simple, fast, and fun. This is a true-blue Sonic platformer that wants you to blaze through levels while spinning and bopping your way through Dr. Robotnik's bots, grabbing rings, and bouncing off of all sorts of things.

And for the most part, that old-school action still works and it still excites. Some cool new abilities have also been added to the mix, and what's great here is that these additions don't trample and instead enhance this Sonic experience. 

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If you've been frustrated by the clunkiness and the questionable direction taken by many Sonic games released in the decade, then you're in for a treat with Sonic Colors. The game finally proves that fresh 3D platforming action mixed in with a little classic 2D side-scrolling, rail grinding, and racing can be succesfully implemented in a Sonic game without losing any steam at all.

A blast of colors and creativity
Taking place in a humongous theme park built by Dr. Robotnik, Sonic Colors really fits its title. It's as colorful as a pack of Skittles, and is pleasing in its art style.

Like the gameplay, the game's visuals is true to its series' roots, with cartoony, smoothly animated characters, quirky bot-enemies, a not-so-heavy atmosphere and lively, vibrant colors.

It's in fact one of the most visually-pleasing games on the Wii, with every level--from the watery ways of the Aquarium Park zone to the outer space setting of Asteroid Coaster zone--dripping with life and detail.

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The music does its job in complementing the visuals as well. The classic Sonic sound effects plus the high-octane background music really get you into the mood of blasting through the stages.

Rings, stars and wisps
As the pace remains frenetic the whole game through, which is really the only way to go for a Sonic game, most gamers will be able to finish the game in about 10 hours. The game though does attempt to give you some reason to replay the levels by encouraging you to improve your score and rank, which you can do by collecting more rings, stars, and rescuing more wisps. And hey, it's always enjoyable to just run throught the levels again just to see more of the gorgeous visuals and enjoy the details a little bit more. 

Sonic Colors is Sonic in Olympic condition. It's hyper-fast, and hyper-fun to play. Has Sonic caught up with Mario to become a worthy rival again? Not yet, but this is definitely as good a start as any; with every good Sonic game released, the momentum only increases for this comebacking franchise.  

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