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5 Gamer Gifts You Didn't Know You Wanted

Let's go beyond the usual triple-A games, and find gaming heaven in these special items!
by Levy Mariano | Dec 14, 2015
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A PS4, the new Black Ops, Fallout, or Rainbow Six game, or a new phone for smoother Clash Of Clans gameplay—these are standard items you'll find on most gamers' wishlist.

But because these are such no-brainers, you most likely have these things in your shelf already. You've got a big problem now: You've got some extra cash for gaming, and no idea on how to spend it.

Thankfully, we're here. Below, we've listed down some not-so-obvious gaming items that you didn't know might just make you very, very happy.

1) The official Fallout 4 shoes

They say it's unlucky to gift shoes, lest you want that person to leave your life. But if these are the shoes we're getting? Man, we'd never want you to leave our life! These are the official sneakers from one of this year's most anticipated titles. As you can see, it carries the "111" branding, signifying the vault from which your character emerges in the game. Good luck matching these with the rest of your outfit though!

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Get it here. 

Price: $85 (P4,000)      

2) This PS4 projector

Just look for a flat, white surface, and play away. This Sony projector is only as big as two flagship Xperia phones packed together, and connects to your PS4 via HDMI. What does this mean? This means we can bring our PS4s on vacations this holiday, and not worry if our lolo and lola have an HDTV at their house! Convenience!

Get it here.

Price: $350 (P16,500)


3) The Razer Turret

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PC games are played in front of a monitor placed on your big, bulky desk. Console games are played while lounging on a big, soft sofa. The Turret, a couch-friendly mouse-and-keyboard combo, bodyslams the status quo. With this ingenious device, you're given a nifty way to play PC games while sitting on the couch. The keyboard is robust and sturdy as it lays on your lap while the mouse stays on its pad thanks to the magnetic surface. It features a 2.4GHz connection to make sure that the action is lag-free.

Get it here.

Price: $130 (P6,100)

4) The Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. 9


You will not want to go back to playing on your smartphones the old way once you've used this daring device. With the L.Y.N.X., you get a fully-functional wireless controller for your smartphone, which can adjust to the size of your phone (up to seven inches). It's also designed to fold up easily when you're not using it and even has a keyboard module for easy typing. The question is, what have they NOT thought of?!

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Get it here.

Price: $299 (P14,200)

5) Fat Princess Adventures

Yes, we know you're all soooo busy with the deluge of triple-A titles coming this holiday season. You're too busy surviving in the Fallout wasteland, fighting a futuristic war in Black Ops 3, blasting Stormtroopers in Star Wars Battlefront and rescuing hostages in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Just reading that overwhelmed you, didn't it? That's where this title for the PS4 comes in.

It's a charming, simple hack-and-slasher with cartoony graphics and a non-convoluted control scheme. It's not as deep as all the titles mentioned above, but if you just want to slay some goblins with a little sword-and-sorcery while trying to accomplish the most fundamental quest in all of gaming (rescuing princesses), this is the game you need.

Get it here.

Price: $14.99 (P710)

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