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Games Review: WWE 12

Body slam, incoming!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 15, 2011
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Wrestling is not real. It’s fake, it’s scripted, and it’s just a bunch of roided-out guys in tights rolling around with other equally muscle-bound dudes also garbed in crotch-huggers. Yet, we continue to watch it. Better yet, every time a new WWE game comes out, we’re the first ones in line.


The question is why? Because deep inside, no matter how glittery our university degrees might look hanging on that immaculate wall in our office, we aren’t ones to ignore a brawl breaking out. A fight breaks out in the street, for instance, and you can be sure, we’d be first to blurt out “uy, may away, may away!”

Wrestling simply taps into that urge, and presents it in the most bombastic kind of way, which is why THQ’s newest wrestling extravaganza, WWE 12, has us by the chokehold.

WWE 12 is the developer’s attempt to reinvent the wrestling videogame, and the first indication of which is its dropping of the “Smackdown Vs. Raw” title. We have every bit of respect for all the previous titles, as those games captured the essence of the WWE well, from the unique personalities of the combatants, to the overly excited commentators, to the flashy signature moves, to the effective combat system.

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