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Gears of War

Aliens versus humans locked in a battle of galactic proportions
| Nov 27, 2006
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Xbox 360
The PlayStation 3 may be ready to launch, but this doesn’t meant the boys at Microsoft are just standing in a corner doing nothing. Sure to rain on Sony’s parade is Gears of War, the Xbox 360’s biggest game since the console launched last year. Gears of War tells the familiar tale of aliens versus humans locked in a battle of galactic proportions. Dubbed as a third-person tactical/action horror game, you play certified badass Marcus Fenix. You lead your fire team against an alien menace known as the Locust Horde. They’ll stop at nothing at taking over the world.

The combat in the game may be intense but it also requires the players to think tactically. Foolishly rushing into gunfire means getting shredded to bits. Helping you achieve your goals are your highly advanced AI controlled teammates. Your teammates can take your orders, and thankfully, also know when to retreat and seek cover.

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