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8 Simple, Iwas-Hassle Tech Tips For #LaBoracay

Planning to bring your gadgets to #LaBoracay? Here's a simple guide for your convenience, geeks!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 29, 2014
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#LaBoracay 2014 is happening this week! Handa na ba kayo?

We’re anticipating this sight happening during the annual unofficial festival (which lands on Labor Day week every year): a jam-packed Boracay filled to the brim with hotties wearing the skimpiest of outfits, loads of booze, and beach parties going all tugs-tugs until the break of dawn!

Ah, #LaBoracay, you make (wet) dreams come true.

Kitakits, ha!

And because we wouldn’t miss it even if Barrack Obama invited us to dinner, we’re part of the beach fest, too! Are you ready for this year’s FHM Boracay Grind Party (happening on Wednesday, April 30, at Sur Boracay and on Thursday, May 1, at Obama Grill)? Woo-hoo!

Now we also expect many of you will bring your techie thingamajigs to the event. It could be because you’re dying to take the best beach selfie ever, or you need an Internet connection to show the online world you’re having a grand time. Whatever the case, we’re willing to help you out!

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Because we subscribe to the idea that your geekiness can lead to a more fantastic time, here’s our iwas-hassle techie tips to enjoying #LaBoracay 2014! Convenience is key, fellas!


laboracay 2014 tips
The number one tip in this list is a no-brainer: go small when it comes to gadgets! By that we mean leave your chunky laptops, heavy DSLRs, and huge-ass tablets behind. As if you’ll be able to have fun on the beach while lugging them around, right? Dagdag pa sa bagahe! And don’t get us started on them wires!

Go with smaller devices, like your smartphone and digital camera. Easier to carry around on the beach at hindi agaw-tingin, these gadgets won’t limit you with their bulk and will serve the purpose of connecting you to the Internet and taking profile picture-worthy beach photos. Ayus?! Speaking of cameras...


laboracay 2014 tips
Digicams have one big flaw when it comes to frolicking outdoors: They’re not exactly BFFs with water. Well, most of them anyway. Fortunately for our outdoorsy and beach-loving selves, there are several rugged shooters that can take on the bumps and grinds of an active lifestyle while withstanding chills, dust, and even being submerged—all for the sake of the perfect shot! We’ve got prime examples right here!

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Since Boracay isn’t exactly one big Wi-Fi hotspot, many of you will be using 3G connectivity to go online and do your usual social media updates. Postpaid subscribers are lucky since they don’t have to constantly buy load from loading stations just to stay connected. For the prepaid users however, we’ve got one tip: go with tingi Internet.

laboracay 2014 tips
Both Smart and Globe offer one-day unlimited data service for P50. However, if you’re really kuripot, you can opt for the standard P5 for 15 minutes data rate for both telcos. Just make sure you’re aware of the time you’re connected and turn off your phone’s data connection when not in use or else you’ll be spending more than you bargained for.

Now if you’re planning to enjoy #LaBoracay for a week (swerte!), Smart has something nice for you! For only P80, you can enjoy unlimited surfing for seven days! Now, THAT’S tipid! Click here to know how to avail it.

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