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The 5 Things You'll Find in a Tech Geek's Bag

These mobile gadgets proclaim one thing: You're a certified tech geek!
by KC Calpo | Jan 25, 2014
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It's normal to be called a geek, nerd or even dork nowadays, and hindi na nakakahiya umamin ngayon. In fact, we've long owned up to varying degrees of geekiness and are damn proud of it. To all our fellow geeks, hardcore or fasyon: We salute you!

One of the most famous characteristics of geeks is the number of techie thingamajigs we possess. If you want to know how techie/geeky you really are, all you need to do is look inside your bag. Odds are you carry around with you the gadgets below. Pero kung may kulang ka pa, stock up now! Dapat laging handa!


geek must-haves

Flash drives are small and mostly unassuming on the outside, but real roomy inside. Geeks, you should never leave your house without one! You'll never know when you'll need instant storage for porn your favorite TV shows, movies, comics, photos, and games. And if you need to use someone else's computer, you'll have everything you need on an unbelievably tiny gadget—even your secure passwords. (Pro tip: here are a couple of programs that can help you safeguard your PWs: KeePass Portable and LastPass Portable!)

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Geek out on these flash drives with 16GB of storage and beyond, you digital file-hoarder you:


geek must-haves

You won't get any long-time gadget lovin' if your gadget can't even make it past sunset. Make your beloved device go all-night long with a portable power pack—an item that's quickly becoming essential for both geeks and regular folks. You have two options: go for packs that can also be used as cases, or buy a separate power pack that works with your mobile gadgets (e.g. smartphone, tablet, portable media player).

Geek out on these universal packs and cure your nomophobia:

  • JuiceBoxx Solar: This pup can power itself using haring araw's rays and share the juice with your mobile devices; P1,999
  • mili Power Nova I: Slim, sleek and sensible, this one offers up to 5,000mAh (about twice the capacity of an average smartphone battery) of reserve power; P4,100

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