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Oh Yes: Japan Accepts USA's Giant Robot Battle Challenge

Raging nerd boners all around!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 7, 2015
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We, the titos of FHM, grew up drooling over robot toys and controlling our raging nerd boners whenever scenes like these came up on TV:

robot duelGIF via

robot duelGIF via

robot duelGIF via

robot duelGIF via

robot duelGIF via

Oh, man. Ze memories.

While they were fun to watch, it was bittersweet to know that we weren't going to see it happen in real life.

Or at least we thought so.

ICYMI: On June 30, USA-based giant robot makers (yes, there's such a thing!) MegaBots Inc. challenged their Japanese counterpart Suidobashi Heavy Industries (S.H.I.) to a giant robot battle.

Video via MegaBots Inc.

And, after a bit of waiting, S.H.I has accepted. Done deal: Mecha-flavored mayhem here we come!

Here's the response of S.H.I. CEO, Kogoro Kurata:

Video via 水道橋重工

Oh no he didn't! Trash-talk mode: ON!

However, there are no official deets on the showdown yet (e.g. venue, time, date). Based on S.H.I.'s reply, we could be up for some awesome combat in this metallic skirmish. There's also no word yet on the combatants the mecha makers will deploy, although we can expect something like their previous creations...


Image via

Vital stats:

- 15 feet tall
- 15,000 lbs
- 120mph top speed
- Piloted by two humans (driver and gunner)
- Armed with giant modular pneumatic cannons


robot duelImage via

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