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Get Fit Fast with Garmin’s Forerunner Watches

Like having your own pro-coach minus all the screaming
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 15, 2012
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Bruce Lee got ripped, doing it the hard way: Old school training techniques and unwavering dedication. His mental fortitude was way above the normal threshold of most humans. Too bad not all of us can be Bruce Lee.

Fortunately, we’re living in an age where gadgets, designed to whoop our sorry asses into shape, abound. Just a couple weeks ago, we got one in the form of adidas’ Speed Cell.

We’ve found another ally in our fight against those man boobs: Garmin, one of the world’s most trusted provider of GPS-based products. Yes, we know. Who associates GPS to fitness?

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But while that is completely true, Garmin isn't just about fancy maps. Garmin has noticed our growing fondness for a more active lifestyle and has since adapted their expertise in GPS technology to be used in pro-level fitness training equipment.

Available now are Garmin products that have been designed to complement the lifestyles of those individuals who jog, bike, run, swim, do weight training, or engage in martial arts.

Garmin’s Forerunner line of “fitness watches” boasts of having GPS accuracy of up to 3 meters, as triangulated by satellites. This is of great benefit to those who go on off-road bike trails, and hiking routes.

For runners, the extreme accuracy allows you to measure even minute details like the slope of the road or trail you’re running on. Users of Garmin’s products also have access to Garmin Connect, a web-based online portal where they can upload, keep track of, and compare their workout data with other individuals. These features do make the Forerunner a prime option in fitness circles, most especially to tri-athletes who switch to biking, swimming or running on the fly. These Forerunner watches are designed to track your performance in multiple sports.

Says Mark Tan, CEO of NAVCO Inc., the official distributors of Garmin here in the country: “With the launch of our products, Garmin is empowering more Filipinos today to go beyond boundaries and explore greater possibilities as they engage in their passions and preferences.” Tri-athletes, both advanced and beginners are sure to benefit from the company’s lineup of sleek, user-friendly, yet fully-equipped fitness gadgets. Tan proudly adds that the design of their devices in their field mirrors that of Apple’s iPhone in the smart phone industry.

We could always use someone on our side in our battle against the ill effects of sitting around in an office cubicle all day, and Garmin’s combination of premium styling and powerful features is definitely hard to ignore.

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