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FTW: Someone Created A Mega Drone, And The Result Is A 54-Propeller Monstrosity You Can Ride

You've probably seen a drone, but not this big.
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 3, 2015
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We're pretty sure you've seen drones, those small, propeller-powered flying toys machines that serve a host of functions, from giving a bird's eye view of events to taking groupfies even the tallest of your barkada can't snap. Heck, it has even been used for an NSFW kind of surveillance.

What you probably haven't seen though is this: A giant drone that flies with a man onboard. Yessuch a contraption exists, and it was created by a British inventor only known by his YouTube channel name gasturbine101.

Watch and feel the kid in you get stoked:

Video via gasturbine101

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