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Tingi Power: Globe Launches Tattoo Prepaid LTE Devices!

<em>Pang-masang</em> 4G!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 1, 2013
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Because having a tingi version of everythingfrom cooking oil to that shampoo you use to keep the D awayis always better, and because we absolutely want everything to be cheaper, here comes Globe with its own prepaid 4G LTE service!


Yes, fellas! Scratch the idea that you need to be suffocated by a monthly plan to enjoy blazing-fast 4G Internet. With Globe's prepaid LTE service, you can manage your online expenses easily without necessarily spending thousands of pesos per month. P5 nets you 15 minutes of 4G surfing time on your 4G-capable device. Doing a bit of math, that's P20 an hour for speeds of up to 42Mbps! Now, if you've got the Scrooge gene in you, you can go even cheaper by using Globe's prepaid surfing deals. You can now run to your suking tindahan and say "Paload po!" if you run out of credits, just like you would for your calls and text needs. Not bad, right?

Also, Globe has come up with a couple of devices that can maximize its prepaid 4G service to the hilt. This one below, an LTE stick about the size of your jowa's lipstick, you can plug to your PC or laptop to enjoy blazing-fast surfing speeds the average compshop would be envious of.

globe tattoo prepaid lte stickThe next device is pretty special as it can function as a 2-in-1 gadget. Normally, it's a humble mobile Wi-Fi router that can share 4G connectivity to up to ten compatible gadgets. But this one can also function as an emergency power supply for your phone or tablet, charging 'em up if they run out of juice. Nice!

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