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5 Easy Tips To Maximize Your Globe-Spotify Experience

Want to maximize your music-streaming experience? Simple, easy tips to do just that with Globe and Spotify, right ahead!
by Neps Firmalan | May 28, 2014
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Have you heard of Spotify?

It's currently among the online world’s most popular music streaming services. With over 30 million tunes available, it offers a boatload of music for users via their desktop computers or mobile devices. And—get this—it’s also available for free (although you could pay additional subscription fees for added features)!

The most important bit? It’s all 100-percent legit! No need to look over your shoulder fearing the imaginary Internet police is on your tail when using it. Now you know why we’re all stoked on Spotify!

But it gets even better.

Because we Pinoys adore music as much as we adore our women, Globe has partnered with Spotify to bring the service closer to local users. With the telco’s GoSURF postpaid and prepaid packages (for mobile Internet on a budget), subscribers will be able to enjoy Spotify music without paying extra.

Makes you want to DL the app now, right? Heck, we wouldn’t even blame those who will switch networks just to get their Spotify fix!

We’re pretty sure many of you (especially those on Globe) have already tried out the service. But because we’re all music-loving bros here, we're gonna help you maximize your music-streaming experience! Simple, easy tips to do just that, right ahead!


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Creating a playlist on Spotify is good for two major reasons: 1) it saves you time by putting all the music you want in one place, and; 2) it allows you to easily select which kind of songs you want to listen to when in you’re in a particular mood (e.g. “inspiring” songs like "Macho Gwapito” if you’re feeling pogi as heck).

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Certainly beats having to manually search for the songs you’re likely to replay the sh*t out of every chance you get! In other words: iwas hassle!


globe spotify
A huge part of the Spotify experience is being able to discover new tunes and artists. So, whenever you feel like it, try to listen to random songs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a few LSS-inducing gems you haven’t heard before.

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