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Globe's MySuperPlan Just Got Even More Super!

Flexibility in what you pay for and what you can get
by Neps Firmalan | May 27, 2013
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Many users have been raving about Globe's MySuperPlan because of two words: value and customization. And it looks like the popular postpaid plan is about to get even more high-fives as it now enables users to choose how long they can be tied to it. Now that's flexibility!

peter bithos globe mysuperplan 2013
Peter Bithos, Globe's Consumer Business Group head, tells us what the excitement is all about

But for those who don't know what this MySuperPlan is, let us give you a brief idea. It's actually a postpaid feature ranging for as low as P299 to up to P3,799 a month. Check out the plans below.

globe mysuperplan 2013

Now here's the cool thing. These plans have a higher PV or peso value than the monthly payment which means, according to Globe, you actually get more than what you pay for. For example, Plan 299 actually has a PV of P500 monthly which you can spend on a variety of ways. Here are your options.

globe mysuperplan 2013

So, if you have a P500 monthly PV at Plan 299, you can opt to use all of that for option D which gives you 625 texts to all networks a month (125 at 100PV monthly x 5) or combine options B and E for 40 minutes of calls to Globe/TM numbers and for 15 minutes of IDD calls and 15 international text messages (Globe/TM calls for 20 minutes at 100PV x 2 + 5 minutes IDD and 5 iSMS at 100PV x 3). And that's for paying just P299 a month; the bigger plans will, of course, give you more PVs. 

For those still a bit confused, think of it as a mix and match affair, like a buffet meal, only this time you get to combine different network deals within a total PV that's much more than what you shell out. Sulit, 'di ba? Aside from combos, you could also use the PV to get a free gadget or discounts on cash-outs Another good news: you can change your package every month depending on your changing needs.

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But what made the whole deal even better this time around is the fact that subscribers can choose how long they their contract period is, from a minimum of just 6 months to up to 30 months. This is definitely a plus for peeps who don't want to pay for a plan each month for, say, two years.

Looks good, no? If you're interested in getting a ride on the MySuperPlan wagon, you could click here for mor info or to get started.

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