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WHOA! NEWS: GoPro Survives 10,000-Foot Fall, Captures The Vertigo-Inducing Descent

Taking the 'tough' tag to a whole new level, literally!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 7, 2015
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GoPro cameras have built a reputation of being all-weather toughies that will get you HD eye-candy no matter what. They're made of stern stuff, but can they survive a fall from an airplane?

"Hell no!" would be the smart reply. Well, eat it, naysayers: A GoPro camera can!

Here's a GIF for evidence:

gopro cameraGIF via

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Okay, so that spinning footage doesn't show much, so we'll explain. What you just saw is part of a recovered footage from a GoPro that fell from a height of nearly 10,000 feet. And yes, the darn thing friggin' survived! Apparently, the camera was supposed to film the descent of a group of skydivers. What it captured though is its own, vertigo-inducing fall.

Here's the full video, with more spins than a ballet concert:

Video via Kristoffer Örstadius

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